Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flirting with Warby Parker

Background: I have a terrible time picking glasses frames:  I take along husband, friends, mother, sister and visit multiple stores, uncertain whose advice to take. Glasses are expensive, so I aim for a serviceable frame and try to change frames as little as possible.
The five pictures against the brick are me trying on glasses - read on for why I was doing this in my back yard.

I read about Warby Parker in a W magazine as I waited for Genevieve to get her hair cut (my favorite part of appointments is the magazines, don't you agree?).  I was wishing for bolder glasses, so I scribbled down the website.

They were wonderful to deal with.  I tried on 10 frames through their handy free trial system (and took goofy pictures of 5 - this is a lot of pictures of me for just one post).

And I swept through the mall glasses stores too, coupons in hand.  Their glasses were still hundreds compared to Warby Parker's $95 and their donation to charity.  Really - $95 for cool glasses.

I really really wanted Warby Parker glasses, but in the end, I liked the reddish tortoise frames at Eyemart Express best (below, against the Victorian fish scales).  And at $150, they were still relatively inexpensive.

However, either my face is crooked or the optometrist is crooked, because I've been back twice now and I swear these glasses are still crooked.

These glasses require a bit of confidence for me to wear.  They are bolder and bigger and chosen more intuitively (I still have spasms of doubt - too 80s? too masculine? too overpowering?).  But usually I'm digging the look.

 Dear Warby Parker, I will try again next decade when I need a new pair of frames.  Au revoir! xo


Heritage Farmgirl said...

Oh you are funny!
I just got my eyes checked. No bi-focal yet. Yahoo!
But I have had these frames 15 years!!! I wanted a change. Dearest got new glasses last year ( he is blind as a bat without them) and then I tried of frames and everything looked good on me. This year yuck! They are all too wide for my face. So i am going with my 15 year old frames ( there are still in the store!) until they are antiques. Well okay to match this old antique ( me).

BTW you look really good in the crooked dark frames glasses.

jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Very cool Margo. :)

Jennifer Jo said...

Shopping for SUNGLASSES stresses me out. I never know what looks good and all my insecurities come bobbing to the surface. Kudos to you for being so bold!

Deanna Beth said...

I enjoy your confidence! I tried bolder frames awhile ago, but my prescription is so strange and so strong that the lenses pick up glare from everwhere. Not an attractive combo.

Leila said...

I like your glasses. They suit you! I wear my glasses all the time now that I have progressive lenses -- contacts no longer work for reading! Sigh, getting old.
Anyway, wearing them all the time means I want nice ones. Fashion statement but not so that you are just looking at the glasses! I have found mine at BJs (you don't have to be a member) and they are under $200, which is amazing for my type of lense. They always have ONE option for me that's not old-ladyish and not outlandish! So I go with that ;)

Rebecca said...

What? No monocle? (I went to the Warby Parker website.)

I think you made the right decision.


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