Monday, December 6, 2010

It Was HIS Birthday

And I squeezed orange juice to go with the breakfast eggs and sausage (two proteins in one meal - it's definitely a celebration!).

And we had Albanian walnut cake with lemon glaze and whipped cream after our Thai rice and salad.

And I got him a present from the thrift store, which I have never done before. 

But, serendipitously, he had gotten me a secondhand present too:  a camera!!!!!!  Stars! Fireworks! Wow!

I am the proud owner of A Real Camera, a Canon EOS 10D.  My husband did his research and some sleuthing and oh my word, it feels so good and real in my hand.  Not that I have taken any good photos with it yet - I just got it a few hours ago.  I have a manual to read. 

What a memorable birthday!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

He gave you a gift on his birthday... what a man! And, what a gift! I'm happy, happy for you.

beth said...

My 17 year old had a birthday today too!!! Looks like you had a great celebration! And you got a present too?? wow!

Tracy said...

And that is love. ;-)

Jennifer Jo said...

Whoa duuuuude! He got you something on HIS birthday?! Is that a tradition? I think he deserves at least 3 proteins in his breakfasts...for the next MONTH.

Margo said...

JJ, not a tradition, although the Germans give gifts to others on their birthdays and our ancient ethnicity is German. But maybe it does truly illustrate that it's fun to give presents to other people. He certainly enjoyed my shock and delight!

Deanna Beth said...

I have camera envy.

Beth said...

Congrats on the camera!!

Jackie said...

What a hubby,to think of you on his birthday.Yipeeee for the camera. The cake looks awesome.


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