Friday, December 10, 2010

Around My Kitchen Sink

This is for Leila's linky party because she's right:  I do need a lovely, calm spot in which to feel like a dignified, successful homemaker.

This is what my counter looked like this morning - a knowing reader will understand that there's more than breakfast dishes there.  My command center is to the left, the four lists on the side of the fridge:  grocery list, weekly menu sketch, weekly to-do, and non-food shopping list.  Hidden inside the cupboard door is my zone list and weekly sparkle and shine run-down (not for me, but for anyone who wants to fill my homemaking shoes).

Then I cleaned up and my bird's eye photo was blurry!   But here is the decorative part of my sink area:  the hippo soap dish, the charming hand lotion, and the bamboo with its freshly scrubbed vase and stones.

  I have thought of putting some words to ponder or nice pictures above the sink, but so far I prefer the blank space to let my thoughts wander as I work.  Since I've become a mother, I don't listen to music or the radio very much or put many things on my walls - children can be so over-stimulating that I crave the quiet calmness.


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Your sink area is lovely. I know exactly what you mean about the need for quiet. I used to listen to the radio and CDs, but no more. I do some of my best thinking and praying while doing dishes. The sounds of water and plates and silverware clinking seem to inspire:-).

Jennifer Jo said...

That last paragraph? Amen!

Heritage Farmgirl said...

You make me laugh. But oh so true. You know for the last 26 years all I have to do is run the dishwashing water and my family evacuates the area.I call it my me time. No noise or confusion. Just me and the dishes.

Elisa said...

I like the tile...and I love a kitchen that looks like people actually LIVE there. I don't listen to music much anymore either. I think it's because my two boys are way too loud and now I just loooove silence.

Beth said...

"children can be so over-stimulating that I crave the quiet calmness" LOVE IT! Well said!

Things look good around the kitchen sink!

I so know what you mean about time and opportunity to let your thoughts wander. I think sometimes people think that just because my kiddos are busy, chaotic, and active that I must have a special imperviousness to the madness. Oh, but I do love a peaceful, quiet spot and moment!

Leila said...

I love that you have it all organized. Yes, there is the occasional mess. Of course! It's life! But you have your spot there. Love it.
And you are so far ahead of the game if you realize the vase AND stones need to be cleaned!! LOL!

Tracy said...

" my zone list and weekly sparkle and shine run-down (not for me, but for anyone who wants to fill my homemaking shoes)."- Oh, so funny!

I crave quiet, too. My children marvel that I very rarely have music on. I'm a thinker, thinking all the time, and the music is wasted, anyway. And, there is generally so much noise, that I tend to tune the music out.

Mama Hen said...

Okay, I am the exact same way about the noise. My four children provide all the noise I need for the day.

I love your bamboo plant. Very interesting. I have not seen one in a house like that.

Margo said...

Mama Hen, I got the idea for the bamboo from my friend Chris. We have an Asian store that sells them. Pop it in a vase with stones to hold it sort of straight - the bamboo doesn't need much light, so it's perfect for my sink area.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! A very unique faucet, too!

Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Have a lovely week, Tamara

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm with you on craving calm and quiet... and I love your sleek kitchen, especially the tile, oh, and the drawer handles too.

Melanie said...

It's so interesting that you post this, because for the last couple of weeks I have felt the need to make my kitchen sink area the one place that stays (mostly) in sparkling condition, even if the rest of the house has taken a dive!

There is something about being able to focus on one small place, know that it is as you wish it to be, and just enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

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