Friday, March 25, 2022

Mittens Yet

Last fall, I made Phoebe nice black felted wool mittens from an old sweater. I even placed the cuffs on the ribbing so that they hugged her wrists. She ignored the mittens all winter until I finally realized they were just too plain (and sophisticated and New Yorky) for her style. I offered to add hearts to them and then would she wear them? Oh yes, little pink hearts stitched on with blue perle cotton were just the ticket. 

I am still using the Purl Soho mitten pattern. It is so fast and uses just scraps of warm fabric! I can't justify knitting mittens again when these fleece ones are warm, fast, and economical. Plus, mittens are easy to lose, for anybody, not just kids, so I'm very pleased to have found easy, thrifty replacements. 

I even made myself a pair of leopard print fleece. I added a lining of grey knit cotton because I like very warm hands. 

We are having some spring-like days here and there - once I even put away the sleds and snowpants and stock tank heater from the rain barrel. That drew the attention of the snow gods and we got a not-little snowstorm, indeed we did. Spring, you really bring the drama! I have both my mittens and my barefoot sandals in rotation right now. I love it. 


Becky said...

Mittens and sandals are totally my look right now too.

Lisa said...

Me, too! I'm wearing the sandals right now, with pantyhose. Tomorrow will be thirty degrees, it seems. The last real cold day, hopefully.

BLD in MT said...

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is Spring, eh?!? Ha! You cracked me up with your sandals-and-mittens remark. I think it is swell that you were able to tailor the mittens to their audience and, thus, bring them to use as intended! A little heart can go a long ways! I love that.

Can you tell me more about your stock tank heater and rain barrels? Or perhaps you can just point me to a post about your rain barrel that I missed? This is something we must start doing. We have ditch rights from the river, but impacts from global warming can sometimes play havoc on flow rates there.

Margo said...

Beth, I will make a blog post on the rain barrel! Thanks for asking. The heater is a new addition this winter and working great.

e said...

Anything upcycled or repurposed is a Win! I love both of your examples. And, yes, spring weather... sigh.