Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Garden Kneeler

I used to have a little foam mat that I would grab to kneel on as I reached into my garden beds in spring when the ground is typically muddy.  Last year, the mat finally became trash; I can't even quite recall how, but I think it involved the children's play.

I would never buy such a thing now, so I made one with materials I had on hand (not going anywhere or buying anything much besides food because pandemic). I had a scrap of shower curtain, some outdoor fabric pieces, and an old life-preserver my father-in-law gave me filled with kapok. Kapok, I learned, is fluffy stuff from a tree that grows in the rainforest.

I first sewed a bag out of the shower curtain and filled it minimally with kapok.  I wanted some softness, but not a fat pillow.  Then I encased the whole thing in the striped outdoor fabric.  I meant to put a loop on one end for easier grabbing and carrying, but oh well: such is the state of my brain these days.

My rhubarb is coming out strong.  I just planted it last summer, so this is the first spring I will be able to harvest it.  I am thrilled!

I babied an expensive little clematis last year, and it appeared to die in August.  Oh, I was mad.  Now, something green and viney is coming in that space and I think it's the clematis! In this strange spring, I want all the green, growing hope I can find.

Here is Genevieve's new bunny, just a few months old, a mischievous little sweetie.  Genevieve named her Daisy Augusta Saoirse Diamond, and is entirely responsible for her.  There is so much joy in this relationship!  Daisy's poop is going be great in the garden.

I've planted spinach and snow peas in the raised bed, as well as spinach in some containers out front. I also snagged some basil and parsley seeds at the grocery store.   This is really all the room I have to start seeds in a sunny location; the rightful occupants of this windowsill are visiting other windows in the house. 
I'm relieved that my summer seeds arrived yesterday - I had gotten an email saying they would be delayed indefinitely - so I am trying to be on track with the garden and trying to continue learning. Seems like a good year to grow more of our food.


  1. I need a new garden kneeler. Another project to add to my list....

    1. I didn't know if that's what other gardeners use. My BFF has a pair of garden jeans with permanently muddy knees!

  2. Wow! Outside in t-shirts and bare feet! It's still cold and wet here in the Pacific Northwest, far too chilly for that. That being said, I did buy some snow peas at the grocery store on my last venture out. I'm looking forward to getting out to the garden.
    Love the kneeler! Kapok is a great choice for a filler. And, love the upcycling! You might enjoy following Nancy Birtwhistle on Instagram (from the GBBS/GBBO). Besides baking recipes, she has lots practical upcycling tips.
    Also: cute bunny and adorable kids. :^)
    Cheers to spring!

    1. e, please note that *I* am wearing jeans/socks/cardi :) But yes, cheers to spring!

      Thanks for the IG recommendation!

  3. This is a good time to be a sewist, isn't it? What a good idea for your new kneeler. It looks more comfortable than the bought ones. We still have snow covering everything but rain is in the forecast so perhaps it will be gone by the weekend. I'm enjoying seeing other bloggers' signs of spring.

    I just love that third photo! So hilarious! And G is looking so much like you as she gets older!

    I'm just catching up on your posts now. Somehow I don't seem to have any more leisure time than I did before the stay-at-home restrictions.

    1. Aww, I didn't notice G looking more like me - that's sweet.

      Yes, I thought at first social distancing would be mean so much time, but really, my kid are the one with time heavy on their hands. My husband and I are scrambling in new ways. . .

  4. Great idea with a garden kneeler! And a very cute looking little bunny and good for you growing your seeds

  5. Thank you for the knee-mat idea!!
    wishing you pleasure in your garden!
    greetings from Morocco x itto

  6. What a precious sight--your growing girl and that sweet bunny! I love her name, too!!


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