Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kitchen Spot for the Canned Goods

Part of the pleasure of canning for me is seeing the actual filled jars, so pretty in all their hues.  My husband hung a small shelf in the kitchen so I could see the jars and also so I didn't have to run to the basement every time I needed one.

To get to my basement canning storage, I have to go to the back door, put on my outside shoes, walk through the weather to the big heavy cellar door, and go down the steps to the basement. I go down there multiple times a day, actually.  The freezers are down there, the empty jars, so many things.

I'm just really thrilled to have this sample collection of canned goods right here in my kitchen.  The other night when I remembered there were some Christmas gingerbread cookies in the freezer yet, I plucked a quart of applesauce off the shelf to go with them.  Easy peasy.  No outside shoes required.


Lisa said...

Wow - a big difference for you now with this relatively small addition!

Becky said...

Sometimes it's the little husband added a shelf to my pantry cabinet - there was a very tall space at the bottom and adding that shelf gave a home to things like parchment paper and tortillas that otherwise got lost on the bottom. Enjoy your new shelf!

Alica said...

So pretty! And convenience is nothing to sneeze at, either! :)

Nancy In Boise said...

Great use of space!

e said...

My basement has an interior door, but I also wanted my canned goods closer to hand. We added a couple of shallow shelves up high in the mud room/laundry room/back door passage. I have to get my step stool to reach them but it is still more convenient.

Phoebe is looking so much more like a big kid!

BLD in MT said...

My first thought when this page opened was that you must have Before-and-After photos because I thought that first picture was G not Phoebe! WOW! I had to look twice--such sisterly resemblance, at least here.

And hooray!! A mini-stash much more readily accessible. Now you'll only have to make a couple trips down there daily instead of multiple! A clever, easy workaround.