Monday, December 31, 2018

The Homemade Christmas Gifts

It has been a good Christmas, complete with a new baby born to my brother and his wife!  I knitted him a wee cap back in November.

I also made my sister a Nola Cloche.  She had admired mine, and dropped copious hints that she would love one (and a quilt, too - she has let the universe know that she wants a Margo quilt; the universe is listening, honey).

 I had to rip out a large section of the hat when I was making it because somehow I miscounted stitches or added stitches or something.  But my knitting has progressed far enough that I can fix some mistakes, so I'm extra-gratified that it fits her (and her guy!) so nicely.

And I made him some hotpads, too.  We drew names for Christmas gifts, and I got his name.  In typical guy fashion, he only had one boring gift on his wish list. Since he's an amazing cook, I made him some hotpads to go with the boring gift he was expecting.

I am deeply grateful to all the wonderful adults who teach and care for my kids.  I made two dishcloths for Phoebe's preschool teachers - I still intend to do something for the other teachers.  No law that says gifts and notes of appreciation can only happen at Christmas, so I'll aim for January.

So that's some of the homemade Christmas goodness On the Record.  How was your Christmas?


Alica said...

I love home made gifts too! I make frozen meals for my brother in law who is single, I give home canned goodies to my sister in law and MIL, and I made wool dryer balls for my sister care group! They're fun to make, relatively inexpensive, and I'd like to think that folks enjoy receiving such things! :) I know I do!
I need some knitting lessons!!!

e said...

My daughter is the knitter in the family - I'm the quilter. My knitting is limited to lumpy, uneven scarves! But, I'm increasing my quilting output as my friends have grandchildren. I made two quilts for the next generation this year and was very pleased with both of them. They weren't 'baby' quilts but a quilt that the child can use for years to come (approximately 44x72 inches). Sort of a single bed size that can transition to a couch throw.
Oh, I also made tea cozies for four people! That was a fun project!
All the best to you and your family for the coming year! Xoxox

Lynn D. said...

I like the pot holders. They remind me of Gee's Bend quilts.

Christy K. said...

Love the knitted hats. They are beautiful!! I knit a tam, beret and fingerless mitts for my nieces as well as a shawl for my sis-in-law. It was a year of giving hand-knits. Now several sweaters are on my needles to knit for me. =) Christmas money went toward yarn, inspirational pattern book and supplies. Hip hip hooray!

Becky said...

All my handmade gifts went to babies this year - I just haven't had as much time to make things and what I did make was either super easy or took up quite a bit of my time (not complaining). My creative mojo went on vacation in 2018 (somewhere good I hope), but as 2019 starts, I find myself slightly inspired to make things again.

Deb said...

Do you sell your dish rags? I need some!

Margo said...

Deb, yes! My dishcloths were a regular item when my Etsy shop was stocked and running. Email me at thriftathome (at) gmail (dot) com so we can discuss details :)

Hazel said...

They all look lovely. I made lots of hampers this year with candle holders or wooden serving boards in with the chutneys and jams.