Monday, October 30, 2017

Bigger Felted Slippers for Phoebe

I measured Phoebe's feet again and used the last of the felted fuchsia sweater to make her some slipper-boots.  I used this excellent tutorial again.
I wanted to embellish the boots somehow, but I drew a total blank - perhaps in the urgency of just getting the baby's feet warm?

And until I get some puff paint or non-skid sole fabric, Ben ice skates her around the house on her slippery slippers.  Ill-advised, I know, but hilarious.


Becky said...

Adorable. And now I want a pair for myself.

jenny_o said...

Oh, that grin!!!

I lost track of the things I meant to mend or make for my kids and before I could do it they were on to the next size. You do well to keep up and do as much as you do.