Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bright Silver

We have an odd collection of little toddler forks and spoons for Phoebe.  I really can't recall where they all came from.  Some of them are stainless steel and some of them, the ones in this photo, are real sterling silver.  And look:  the tarnish wore off from everyday use, and they are bright and shiny!  No silver polish or rubbing needed, just use.

Perhaps if I ever get some ancestral silver, I will use it every day to enjoy its luster without the effort of polishing.  I love the life lesson here:  beauty and usefulness hand-in-hand.


Becky said...

Yes! I have a few little pieces of silver and china I use daily. Beauty and usefulness very much go hand-in-hand.

e said...

My mom collected silver and silver-plated ware and assembled really lovely sets for many of the girls in the family. All collected from thrift stores! I use mine every day, in fact, I don't have much stainless steel. A couple of my cousins mentioned that they only use theirs for special occasions and I encouraged them to use it every day. It does stay tarnish free longer.

But, once a year, usually on my mom's birthday, I polish the silver. It's a little meditation time for me, time to connect with my mother, and I know she would like to see the gleam of the silver when I am done. :-)

BLD in MT said...

We have one silver serving spoon--a relic of Matt's maternal Grandma. We use it as a daily object. It is very shiny. I never thought about that connection though.

I bet real silver baby utensils would make me swoon with the charm of antiquity each time I set them out.

AmyK said...

We too have some silver baby/toddler utensils. I love them.

jenny_o said...

When you are finished using these as toddler utensils they make lovely jam spoons and pickle forks at the table ... which I'm sure you already know. I just had to say so, though, because I love little utensils so much :)