Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cinderella and Her Socks

Genevieve is currently a huge fan of Lily James and her Cinderella movie.  Let me tell you about her Cinderella get-up.  That's a thrift store bedspread I found for her for a dollar that has gone through several incarnations.  She loves it for its volume (look at it twirl!) and ruffle.  She begged me to trim the holes she cut for head and arms, which I did in pink bias tape.  She begged to go to the thrift store with me to look for Cinderella shoes.  All the heels were black and such except for this sparkly silver acrylic pair, which also happened to be on sale for $2.  We were thrilled together.

 My big beautiful girl.  We've had some good talks about style and "pretty" and makeup.  It's such a balancing act!

But Cinderella can also keep her feet warm when she's not dressed for a ball.

I finished these socks for Genevieve on a drive home from the beach, when the air conditioning in the car was making her cold and she was beyond happy to have toasty feet.

 I'm embarrassed to say that my Kitchener stitch at the toes was faulty on one sock, because it unraveled somehow after only a few wears.  I darned the toe.  I wish I had made the socks taller, but my lack of experience limits me to following the pattern.  Oh well - I think I have enough yarn left to make a wee pair of socks for Phoebe.  The sisters can go on matching!


jenny_o said...

Oh my goodness, from the first photo one would easily put G at age 25!

I feel like I have watched your kids grow up and they are an extension of family. You are doing such a good job.

Becky said...

It is such a balancing act! Although I found that letting my girl have free reign with makeup for dress up when she was younger has resulted in her teen self only wanting to use mascara. It probably doesn't hurt that I don't wear any. She was born with her own style though - I freely admit to borrowing from it because it's pretty fabulous.

Cinderella was my favorite too. Still is.