Saturday, May 21, 2016

Experimenting with Yeast-Raised Coffee Cakes

I mentioned that I was trying these coffee cakes back in the blizzard, but I have no notes and only one photo to show for it. 

The day before breakfast, I make a sweet yeast dough and let it rise once.  Then I spread it or roll it up for a 9x13 pan with some kind of fruity or nut stuff.  It hangs out in the fridge overnight, I bake it the next morning, and sometimes drizzle something over it.  

I love the texture of yeasted baked goods for breakfast over traditional coffee cakes made with baking powder or soda which can seem like eating cake for breakfast.  Too sweet for me!  

These are the combinations (to the best of my faulty memory) I have tried so far:

apple pie filling in the middle with cheddar cheese over top
blueberry/ginger pie filling with lime drizzle on top
raisins and toasted walnuts
Moravian sugar cake - butter, cinnamon and sugar on top
a caramel one from Marion Cunningham's breakfast book
home-canned maraschino cherries (mushy), thickened, with cream cheese drizzle on top

blueberry with lime drizzle
I promise to buckle down and post a real recipe for these coffee cakes.  Just hard to take notes and photos at breakfast around here!


  1. Well that was nasty! I want that recipe NOW!!!!!! (Or at least in the next week, pretty please?)

  2. You should make a mid-morning batch to photograph. Mornings are hard!

  3. Coffee cakes are one of my absolute favorite desserts in the world :)

  4. That looks SO delicious! I think you're doing well to have any photos at all. Mornings with kids are not relaxing!


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