Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our Standard Summer Supper

When the corn comes in, I usually pick up a dozen at least once a week and that's supper.  I add a real vegetable (corn is a starch in my menu planning) and a protein.  Here we had panzanella.

My big kids husk the corn.  Then I either grill it or use the grill burner to boil it.  Pretty fast and there's no heat added to the kitchen.

This evening we're having grilled corn, green beans with brown butter, and caprese salad.

And sunflowers from my husband, a treat in the middle-aged marriage.

Do you have a standard summer supper?


  1. I love to use my fresh garden tomatoes, peppers and basil and make pizzas. I buy fresh local dough add cheese and mound the tomatoes on top, delish!

  2. Beautiful sunflowers! Our standard summer supper is your summer rice and beans salad. I cooked the black beans and rice this morning and got the rest of the ingredients at market. It's one of my favorite recipes!

  3. our standard is a big salad with all the leftover bits of vegetables I have leftover. last night i made some hard boiled eggs and bacon to crumble in it. also had a little turkey and cheese on there. very filling.

    i took pictures, so will post about it soon.

  4. We have a few standard summer dinners - most of which involve corn and tomatoes. It's usually some variation on a tomato, basil pesto and fresh mozz panini (or salad with all those ingredients or a fried green tomato something) and corn. Always corn.

  5. Thank you, Kylie!

    And Becky, I'd love to know how you make your fried green tomatoes. I tried once a while ago and wasn't fond of the results, although I know I've had them in restaurants and liked them.

  6. Our most frequent summer plate is potato salad and either sliced, hard-boiled eggs or deli ham slices, usually with some variation of tossed salad on the side. It's what both of us grew up with as the quintessential cool summer meal, and we both like it. Sometimes we have canned tuna in the potato salad, instead; that's also tasty. Our summer is so short, relatively speaking, that we enjoy this meal while we can.

  7. I love corn.. So wonderful..fresh from the garden..


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