Thursday, March 19, 2015

27 Wrinkly Apples

I noticed that the reduced-pesticide local Stayman apples were not selling well at the market stand. The apples had that late-winter wrinkly softness that makes me turn away with a shudder.  So I asked the farmer if he would give me a discount if I bought 3 buckets.  He sold me 27 apples for $12, which doesn't seem like a bargain initially, but these are reduced-pesticide and look what I did with them:  apple butter and apple chutney.

That's 3 pints of apple butter.

And 11 half-pints of apple chutney.

Pretty sure I'd pay more than $12 for these goodies at a store, even including the cost of the spices and handful of other ingredients in the chutney.

I have one more preserving project in mind before the weather turns totally warm, but I've acquired a crushing freelance deadline and a bout of pregnancy exhaustion, so we'll see.


Unknown said...

Great idea!!!

jenny_o said...

Well and frugally done! I feel like a sloth, haven't been pregnant for 28 years and haven't managed to can a single thing in that time either :)

Good luck with your deadline! Work is good but stress is less so!

Unknown said...

I'm planning on trying my hand at preserving for the first time this season. I'm so excited to look through your archives for ideas and inspiration.

Margo said...

Rachel, good luck! I'm always happy to answer questions or troubleshoot, if that helps. Either comment on a specific preserving blog post or email me (see the sidebar).

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Looks wonderful..
How are you doing? Sending prayers for you and baby..