Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back Yard, December 9, 10:47 am

*Genevieve's new tree house ladder boards on the maple tree which she begged to do on Sunday afternoon, while her father and I waved her sleepily away with vague permission, quite sure she couldn't manage; imagine our (proud) surprise when we looked out finally on Monday morning!
*I think that's a house the children were assembling with an overturned wooden chair, wooden table, and assorted seltzer bottles from the recycling bin
*a pink plastic chair I pulled from the neighbor's trash a few weeks ago; my husband is horrified; I told the kids it was supposed to stay in the clubhouse - we have the only small children on this block and we try to keep not to be the eyesore next to the prim yards around us
*one of my retractable clotheslines - the white disc opposite the board ladder on the maple tree
*the Radio Flyer full of mud and a snow shovel
*in front of the black compost bin which sits among the three raised beds
*bars on the law firm's windows - no one else has bars on their windows in our neighborhood
*pale green parsley in the bed to the left; I hope it keeps hanging on because it sure brightens up our winter soups.

*an immediate camera turn to my left is the clubhouse, with the rags Genevieve nailed up as curtains; I thought it would a nice beginner sewing project for her to sew curtains for the clubhouse, but she asked for rags instead.  I wonder what the judge and the state representative next door think. . . .

This post is due to Jennifer Jo's brilliant series - I hope she makes it A Regular Thing and invites us all to share links.  It's poignant and funny to see what's going on in one shot (I cheated here with two) of our lives.


jenny_o said...

Where there are children with energy and imaginations, there will be some amount of disorder, wild colour, and beautiful chaos. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I always wanted a playhouse, and always enjoyed being a homemaker - I think the two are linked in my case!

BLD in MT said...

I adore this idea. And the little tour of the backyard. What crafty kids! I also enjoyed a little visit over to Jennifer Jo's! So, thanks!

MDiskin said...

Oh my goodness, kids are hilarious. I think our radio flyer was always full of mud, too! It finally bit the dust this fall. Our fairy gardens now look like fairy pig wallows.

Now in cold weather I find "projects" in weird places inside -- like the "drum kit" made out of various recycling containers taped to a box. Actually multiples of these.