Friday, March 7, 2014

The Eleven Clothespin Bags

Naturally I had spring fever. So I treated it by pulling out all the fabric in my stash that had flowers and/or white in it, all the fabric that said "spring!" to me, and I made clothespin bags.  Because even though I have been known to hang laundry outside on a winter's day, surely spring is best for drying laundry outside.  It may be in the 20s yet today, but the air smells like spring and I am so excited.

I had 11 wooden hangers, so I made 11 bags.  I have no plans to make more at this point - should I add "Ltd." to each title the way car manufacturers do?

I loved this project more than any sewing I have ever done.  I used pretty odds and ends that I saved with no idea what on earth I would do with them - pieces of lace, scraps of bias tape, frayed doilies, stained dresser scarves, and bits of pretty fabric.

Long-time readers will recognize fabric in the bags from my shirtdress, Genevieve's green dress, Genevieve's nightie, and this apron. 

Before I make something to sell, I always make one for myself and use it well.  I like household goods that are pretty as well as hard-working.  This is my clothespin bag, made several weeks ago.  I might pick off the yellow appliques - I'm still undecided if I like them.  Also, I experimented with covering a wire hanger with ribbon to use instead of wooden hangers because wire hangers are so plentiful.  Well, it cannot hold its shape under the weight of my 2.5 pounds of clothespins!

So I bought 11 wooden hangers, and I need to dig out a stronger hanger for my own bag - it's just that I've been so busy treating my spring fever by sewing these bags and working on a large freelance project in addition to normal life that all kinds of details have dropped off my radar.

One night, just before bed, Genevieve laid out all the bags on the floor and sorted them in order of her most favorite to least favorite.  Number 3 is her favorite (number 11 is her least favorite, despite the pink gingham).  I really do adore them all, but if I was forced to choose, I think I would be in a French farmhouse in spring (number 4).

Just for fun:  which bag is your favorite?


Julian said...

The french one:). My grams had an apron with that navy check. Love that one too! Way to reuse clothing!

Lisa said...

They're terrific! Such personality.

jenny_o said...

I can't decide which is my favourite, really - they are all delightful, with beautiful details. Such a nice idea for an item that will be frequently used - a spot of bright in the workday. And if you enjoyed making them that is icing on the cake :) Okay, okay - if I must choose, I agree with Genevieve - the green gingham with vintage bureau scarf and tiny pink patch would be my choice, too :)

Alica said...

I'm with you on this one! I need a new clothes pin bag...mine is rotting away from several years of hanging in the sun! Maybe if I'd get my sewing machine fixed, i could make one! :)

beth said...

What a genius project! I'm sure you'll sell them all.....quickly. ;)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

OH, I love the all... I got decide between Genevie's #3 Or #7.Both are perfect..
I too, am so ready for spring.. These clothes pin bags... are perfect.. Happy sewing.

Maru said...

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