Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Ironing Board Cover

Between sewing and wearing cotton clothes, I iron a lot.  So my ironing board covers get scorched, stained, and grimy after a while.  They're pretty cheap to buy, I must say, but it's much easier for me to make a new one from my stash.  

This is my method (Zoë, this is the tutorial - my apologies for its paucity):

1.  Remove scorched cover.
2.  Flop it on a length of fabric.  I usually use cotton, but Rebecca pointed out that vintage sheets work beautifully and I think it's probably the polyester in there.  An all-cotton ironing board cover tends to grab at the ironing.
3.  Trace the cover with a generous seam allowance, taking note that the cover needs to curl down under the edges of the ironing board.
4.  Sew the new cover onto the old cover.  Get as prissy as you want about it, but the seam should be pretty much drawn tight and hidden under the ironing board.  I usually tuck the raw edge under as I sew along, keeping above the drawstring so I can use it for the new cover.
5.  Put the fresh cover on the ironing board, cinching down the drawstring and using the ironing board elastics (like these) if you have some.  The ironing board cover in these photos also utilized diaper pins underneath.

random cute photo of my sis and my girl
Please add any tips you have for making ironing board covers in the comments.  My covers are functional, but definitely make-do.


  1. Nice job, and I really like the red - but you're sure it's colorfast? Red can be funny sometimes.

    Also, about the poly/cotton sheet idea - would they be able to stand the high heat required for linen and cotton? I'm not sure I'd use any poly for a cover. (but I've never made one)

  2. Lisa, I never gave the red a second thought: I washed it when I bought it. Oh dear, I'll have to keep an eye on it!

    As for polyester, I've bought several ironing board covers that had polyester content - although maybe it was a special heat-resistant substance?

  3. I suppose if a thing is an ironing board cover, it'll do whatever it's made of, so you must be right about the heat resistance. I really hope your red cover works out, because my first thought was that I loved the fabric! So cheery.

  4. You make sewing look so easy. Love the cheery cover!

  5. I was just noticing the sad shape o if my ironing board cover and wondered if I could just trace the shape on an old blanket. A piece of fabric seems much easier. Thanks for the good idea.

  6. Hello Margo! I found you through Leila today - I'm looking forward to checking out your lovely blog!
    Here is how I make my ironing board covers:
    I re-used just the old padding and made a new cover using elastic.

  7. Nice job. I like that fabric a lot! I just got a new ironing board, too. Its really pretty with the Flying Geese pattern on it. My mom made it to replace my old one which she'd ruined with a "Wonder-Under" mishap. I've never tried to make one. I love the way you sew stuff though. Its so organic and go-with-it and confident. Sometimes I drive myself crazy with the details and precision. I should remember to relax a little!

  8. So pretty! In the past I've been guilty of just taking a folded flat sheet and pinning it underneath. With huge pins. Not pretty. :)

  9. Nice..!!!
    Wonderful ideas,decent color combinations..!!Oak Bunk Beds

  10. Nice post. You can try ironing board with cover by Bathla.

  11. Love this post! I have a passion for new ironing board covers, so I have 3 or 4 at all times. I use bias tape that I have made from my stash around the edge to make a nice casing for elastic. And then of course, the elastics like you use to make the ironing board cover nice and tight.

  12. I've made several ironing board covers, most out of sheets. I cut something just a couple of inches more than the top of the ironing board. I add wide bias tape folded in two. starting at the end and ending at the end then I insert elastic and trying it on the board cut the elastic and sew the two end together. the cover washes well and just slips on the the elastic holds it tight. I change frequently and throw them in the wash. Love it!

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