Wednesday, March 13, 2019

So Many Sandoval Hats

Look at my loves, just look at them! I'm here taking photos of their hats, but they themselves are so dear and happy in the cold breeze.  Let's say it's because their heads are warm?

I knitted up a Sandoval hat for my husband with grey worsted wool, and then Genevieve tried it on and asked for one, too.  There was a little grey yarn left from my husband's hat, and I had a little light blue yarn left from my nephew's baby hat, so we agreed a light blue brim would look cool.  I dearly wanted to use the rest of the light blue in a pom pom, but Genevieve was firm and kind: no way.

This hat is easy to knit, super comfy to wear (okay, I snitched my husband's hat a few times now), and looks good.  I've now cast on to knit my own Sandoval.


Jennifer Jo said...

Wow, G is growing up!!! So self-possessed and confident!

(The hats are lovely, too!)

Becky said...

Excellent! Which reminds me, I'm supposed to knit my husband a hat. I should get on that now that it's March.

Hattie said...

That first photo looks as if could be in magazine.

e said...

What a good looking bunch! Including the hats, lol!

Good of you to listen to your daughter about the pompom. Maybe there's enough to put one on Phoebe's hat? I'm sure you are now knitting a hat for every member of the family, right?!?

Rachel Eash-Scott said...

Those pictures are everything!! Print and frame :) And i'd love a hat too! They're classic and look super warm and comfortable.

Lisa said...

Wow, Genevieve is a young woman! I hardly knew her (aside from the fact that I don't know her.) :) What cute pictures, and nice job on the hats.

Lissa said...

Hats are terrific! good job knitting momma.


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