Monday, December 3, 2018

Two Kitchen Patchwork Projects

I keep my kitchen plastic bags in a fabric cylinder with elastic ends.  What is this thing called?  No idea.  But it sure is useful!  

No matter how much I try, plastic bags continue to come into this house.  I don't buy ziploc bags or plastic wrap, but I wash and reuse the bags as much as possible.  The non-ziploc ones live in this fabric bag.  My old one was plain red gingham and getting grimy and threadbare.  The new one is much prettier and made only using scraps from my piece bag.

Then I recovered the kitchen stools.  The red covers that I jury-rigged were getting worn and grimy beyond washing.  I did use them as patterns for new ones, which are that vintage printed patchwork from the 70s that I love (and that, to be frank, Mr. Thrift hates; "Holly Hobbie stuff" he calls it, which is not a compliment). 

This time, I backed the fabric with plain canvas and added ties on 4 sides to help them stay on.  I think I should have used a darker ribbon, or a self-fabric tie, but there will be next time. And that may be sooner rather than later if Mr. Thrift prevails!


Maggie Frost said...

I love the kitchen stool covers, so there! Mr Thrift, you have no say unless you make some yourself. (I say that with love to you David). 💙💖💜

Becky said...

I like them! But then, I had Holly Hobby wallpaper in my bedroom growing up, so I'm slightly biased.

e said...

Two great projects! I will confess that when I was young I disliked these printed 'patchwork' fabrics. I guess I was somewhat of a quilt snob and didn't like that a picture of patchwork was somehow equal to real patchwork. Now I see it as a retro fabric that brings a lot of color and visual interest to a project. I have a couple of similar squares in a quilt I made for my guest room bed last summer!

jenny_o said...

I love how you used colours and patterns and those sweet little birds in your plastic bag dispenser. It is a work of art!

BLD in MT said...

I adore that "Holly Hobby stuff" myself!!! :) So charming. Have I ever mentioned how much Matt dislikes rickrack? It sorta cracks me up that he has such a strong dislike for this specific trim which, again, I adore and find so charming. I don't use it though on anything like, say, potholders that Matt would use around the house.


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