Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The End of a Back Yard Era

The landlord next door decided to cut down the black walnut tree which was basically on the border of our properties and had been spreading juglon toxin in our yard for decades.  Now there will be no squirrels dropping black walnut shells out of their mouths to stain my laundry, no sharp pieces of shells on our bare feet, no shade.  Because sadly, once the black walnut was cut down far enough, the tree trimmer told my husband and me that our locust tree was dangerously frail.  The walnut had leaned into it hard enough that it could not stand securely on its own, and trimming off the damaged section could lead to a partial death of its roots and make it unstable.  So in the space of two days, we lost two mature trees from our back yard.

Small black walnut limbs in front of the trunk.
The maple is still there and we are joining with the neighbors to pay for its pruning so it can be healthier.
The bucket is in the black walnut tree; the locust tree branches are visible to the left. 

The bucket is in the black walnut tree; the maple is on the right.
But oh! the loss of these big beautiful trees and their deep-green shade in the summer just sickens me.  I hear the chipper and the chainsaw roaring away in the backyard as I type this. I feel slightly desperate to plant a tree, oh heck, lots of trees, somewhere.


Tammy said...

I'm always sad to see trees come down! Our church had some very mature pecan trees that they took out. I'm not sure why they removed them, because I don't think they were diseased.

Alica said...

Oh bummer!! I would be so disappointed too! I'm sorry you lost your shade.

Maggie Frost said...

So sorry Margo, a mixed blessing indeed. This tree has lovely wood, wonder who will get it. Of course, as you know, this will change the whole dynamic of your back yard and the light inside your house. Will the roots be removed as well! More raised beds, more garden, right?

Margo said...

thanks, dear Maggie. The walnut wood went with the tree trimmer, but our friend is getting the locust wood for firewood right now as I type (more chainsaw noise! ugh). The landlord next door did not pay for the stump removal, so I don't know what we'll do. Not keen on spending the money, but it's really in the way in our limited space. I guess we'll do more garden, but the juglon toxin from the black walnut can take up to a decade to totally dissipate. Crazy!

Becky said...

We have a lovely old dogwood tree in our front yard that we know is ill - but it still looks pretty okay. The idea of taking it out is just not one we can face just yet (both my husband and I start crying at the idea). Trees make such a difference in our world!

e said...

I'm sorry. I feel for you, your family and the trees. It changes a space to lose those standing citizens.

jenny_o said...

Trees are such good citizens (even if they drop stain-producing nuts) it is hard to see them taken down - very hard.


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