Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Two New Handtowels

I have room in my kitchen drawer beside the trivets, hotpads, and matches for two hanging handtowels.  I can have one on the oven handle, and two in waiting.  And two of them were getting really shabby from hard use!

So I made two new ones and enjoyed myself immensely.  I haven't made hanging hand towels since I let my etsy shop idle down, but I always enjoy a practical project.


Becky said...

I love practical projects too!

e said...

Those are charming! I'll join the chorus of loving practical projects! When they are done, you have the ongoing pleasure of using them all the time. Satisfying!

jenny_o said...

I'll third the "loving practical projects"! These are lovely. I had noticed recently that there was no longer a link to your shop. I wonder if the whole etsy thing is dying down. Must check :)


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