Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Simple Peach Tartine

I would have called this "cheese toast with peaches" but the internets have informed me that this is called a "tartine."  I like that fancy word!

A slice of homemade sourdough bread, a slice of sweet sharp Dubliner, toasted together.  Then I put some sweet luscious peach slices over top.  Just wonderful.  Peaches are typically paired with a very mild cheese like ricotta, but I think they are assertive enough to partner the nutty cheddar.  This was a quick bite before I left for a bridal shower one evening, and it's been repeated as breakfast several times.


Lisa said...

Ha! I thought Tartine was the name of a bakery! This looks good.

Becky said...

Delightful. I'm on a fruit, yogurt and granola kick myself, figuring out how to make stove top granola. I should post it.

jenny_o said...

Funny how we discover some favourites, isn't it! This does sound good.


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