Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From the Scrap Bag

I made a few things for the baby and children's areas at our church, and I challenged myself to use only my small scraps.

First I made a runner for a dresser top next to the changing table (circa 1970! I love that about our church - sticking with the old things because there's nothing wrong with them except the latest style).

 I was continuing the jewel tones started by another mom.  The runner is not strictly flat, but since its function is really decorative and I also used up scraps, I let it go.

This is a single-thickness coverlet for one of the cribs.  I thought each crib should have a heavier blanket and a lighter cover for warm weather.  I did cut into yardage for the yellow, but the duckie applique is from a vintage sheet in my stash.

Then the dolly in the play area was dressed in cheap polyester things, so I made a dress and bonnet with scraps.  The ribbons are oddly placed, and one of these days I will take the bonnet home again and fix it.  And I will also make a little boy outfit for the dolly, too, so the children can decide how to play.


BLD in MT said...

A most wonderful use of scraps!

Becky said...

They're all great! I love using scraps. Makes me feel so efficient.

Shauna said...

I love stuff like this so much, making useful needed items out of what's available, with the end result of something pretty too. I bet the other ladies were pleased too!


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