Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From Easter and the Day After

Just before Easter, I had a vision of a butter-yellow skirt.  I managed to whip it out before Easter morning.  It's from the "misses' playsuit pattern" circa (I'm guessing) 1940s and I lined it and added side seam pockets.  Of course, using what I had on hand meant smallish yellow buttons and not enough for the waistband.  But I like it.
 I finished the lining bottom with a yellow scallop, cutting away the excess.  A little tedium for all that prettiness!
 And a few weeks before that, Genevieve and I put our heads together and planned an Easter dress for Phoebe that matched hers.

 My girls.  
 Also at the last minute, I dyed eggs with purple cabbage.  I used white eggs, putting uncooked eggs in water with chopped raw cabbage and some white vinegar.  After 15 minutes of simmering, the eggs were still white.  So I left them soaking for hours, checking occasionally and pulling some out as they took on the blue.  The deepest blue came almost 12 hours later.

My contribution to Easter dinner was a lemon meringue cake:  a "lovelight chiffon cake" from Betty Crocker's cookbook, lemon curd between the layers, and Italian meringue over all.  I wanted to borrow a kitchen torch to brown the peaks all over, but since nobody I know had one, I bought one!  (With two nicely-timed coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond - but yikes, the towering aisles of that store give me the creeps)

 And the next day, we ate the leftover cake for my birthday.  We let Phoebe go at it, laughing because it looks like her first birthday but it's not.


Tammy said...

The sewing projects are lovely! What fun, and a lot of work! Love those scallops on the lining!

Bed Bath and Beyond is not my favorite store! Too much stuff!!! And I can never seem to find what I went in for! It's just too overwhelming. I know people who go in there for "fun" but never me! Only if I need something specific and I have a coupon.

Rozy Lass said...

Lovely skirt, and delightful dresses! That cake looks so yummy too, lemon is my favorite. Add a vote from me for staying out of huge stores.

Lana said...

SO much sweetness! BB&B creeps me out too and I only go there if I have no other option. Happy Birthday!

Becky said...

The last time I went to B,B & B, an older woman walked up to me and the woman behind me in line and handed us both a fistful of coupons from her stash.
Sweet dresses. Lovely cake. Happy Birthday!

Alica said...

Mmmm...that cake! You had me at lemon curd!
Lovely Easter dresses, too, and the scallop on your skirt looks so nice!

coleen said...

Love all the sewing you got done……I also love the tea set, very pretty!

jenny_o said...

You have been busy -- and productive! Love all the sewing. Adorable! The cake looks so, so good. I don't go in large stores anymore. I get tired just thinking about it. But it's good you got your torch. What other plans do you have for it? Creme Brulee, perhaps?

Margo said...

Coleen, thanks! That's Rebecca's tea set, set up for a birthday tea on my yellow tablecloth with candlesticks - no plan ahead of time, so we were tickled that it all looked good together.

Jenny_o, the torch actually came with creme brulee dishes, so yes, I think we will plan that!

Shauna said...

Love the yellow sewing!! Lovely girls, and cake too!

BLD in MT said...

Your matching girls are delightful--and that baby cake face, of course!! I've never lined anything I've sewn. I like lined skirts and dresses, but I know nothing about it. I should go read up. Happy birthday, by the way.

Margo said...

BLD, I typically line skirts by making another skirt out of thin cotton in a neutral shade and then attaching it inside when I sew the waistband to the skirt. Keep the wrong sides together, so the lining has its right side against your legs. Best to keep the hems and side seams unattached and let the lining float. SO MUCH more comfortable and quick to wear than a slip. Good luck!

Polly said...

Happy birthday!

The matching dresses are adorable! I love it. So sweet.....almost cake-sweet!! :)

I started in on a vintage Easter dress using yellow pattern for my girl too this year (with the vision of a matching skirt for me) but we were so busy that I realized I'd have to spend too much time the week before Easter working on it (possibly sacrificing sleep, and I need sleep). So I ditched it with peace and will sew it up as a nice summer church dress instead!

MDiskin said...

That lemony cake is almost exactly like my wedding cake! Yummy. And babies + cake are the best. :)

Love the skirt and dresses!

Leila said...

What nice sewing! A great post with everything -- baby dresses, Mama skirt, cake, and sweet children!
Happy Easter!

BLD in MT said...

Margo--Well, now that sounds simple enough! I don't know why I always thought it would be more complex than that! I shall give it a go on my next skirt.


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