Friday, April 17, 2015

The Layette: Nursing Cover and More About the Wipes

The baby is not here yet, but I am spending all my time in serious preparation (a.k.a., nesting) which is why I have been silent in this space; I haven't even stopped often to take photos for blogging purposes.  I ask myself if I would rather do X with an infant in my arms or in utero, and yes, I would far rather buy socks for Ben, pay bills, clean blinds, bake bread, and such like while the baby is still safely inside. Any time I have a few items on my grocery list, I go shopping; this is efficient only in the sense that the baby could come any minute (my kids' italics).  

I'm enjoying myself, really.  I know for a fact that nothing was ready when Genevieve made her surprise appearance (3 1/2 weeks early) and I have an absolute blank about preparations before Ben (I had a toddler running around - I think that accounts for it).

I've noticed the young things using nursing covers, and I love this idea for times when I want to stay with the people or the activity, but the baby needs to nurse.  I doubt I will use the cover at home or around familiar people; I doubt I will even use the cover as the baby gets older and we become brisk nursing partners (positive thinking here).  So I didn't fuss much with making this cover.  I used this tutorial.  It said nothing about fabric weight, but I think the gingham I chose is too lightweight because the piece of boning doesn't hold the cover out far enough from my body.  I'm thinking of stitching on some fabric or ric-rac in horizontal rows to give it some more heft.

I also did not have the specified D-rings, so I modified the straps to use what I had on hand:  three cute little white buttons, no need to match.

Now, after reading AmyK's comment on my previous post about wipes, I decided to alter my system to her practical method.  I bought a cute metal mug at Old Navy - big enough for my fist to fit in, sturdy enough that the children can't break it when I ask them to refill it.  Normally I would sleuth around for a nice vintage or used mug that cost less than $8, but see the first paragraph above re: dramatic surprise any day now.  

The vintage tray, a lucky find at a cute shop downtown, is so that water drips don't land on the wooden desk that we're repurposing as a baby changing table.  

And here is a photo of my kitchen this morning, as I dared the baby to come while I got several projects going (Rosie said the best way to get a baby to come is to start a multi-step project that the baby can derail). 

 Left to right: cream cheese pound cake, pancake syrup in the pot just vacated by Scarlet and Grey ice cream base (Jeni's, of course), sourdough crackers, black beans.  Still on the list: pizza cups, bagels, sesame cookies.


Hazel said...

I'd been wondering what kind of busy you'd been! Glad the baby is staying put for the time being.

AmyK said...

I also wondered if you'd had the baby yet! Glad you are getting things ready. It's so true about it being easier to do this stuff before you have the baby and are recovering from delivery! I'm honored to be named in your blog. ;) My kids are old enough this time around that I like the idea of giving them the task of refilling the water mug - excellent idea!

Lana said...

Good plan from a Mom of 5! In watching my DIL and daughter and trying to use a nursing cover I have seen that if you only use it away from home and the baby is not used to it they will not be happy under there. They have to have some exposure to it on a somewhat regular basis to keep them comfortable with it. Also, once they are old enough to whip it off at any moment they will do so! I think that one problem is that they get too warm under it in the summer, too.

Margo said...

Lana, thank you for those helpful observations about nursing covers!

Polly said...

I like that nursing cover!!!

My babies always used it (when they were no longer newborns) to dramatically throw the curtain back on the stage of their nursing which defeated the purpose (modesty) but was pretty funny.

Love all this nesting. Baby is going to come soon!!

jenny_o said...

I was wondering, too! How daring you are to start so many cooking projects at once ... and if the baby doesn't arrive during all that, you've gotten so much finished - always a good thing :)

I'm thinking you will have lots of help from your two big kids - and it will be truly helpful, given their ages.

Carry on! Good luck!

Rachel Weaver said...

Thsi wipe system might get adopted in our household as well.

Lydia Jo said...

Just came to check up on you and baby. Can't wait to hear the news. I am considering the wipes method. I made myself a nursing cover that also doubles as a car seat cover? Using coveredgoods.come as my inspiration. We shall see. Yours is darling.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Wow... you have got a lot accomplished.. Just bet that sweet baby is fixing to come or has already..Praying for you both.. Love the tray cute and practical..

Sarah Barry said...

This almost makes me want a nursing cover! I love the blue checks.


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