Thursday, March 12, 2015

On Miracles

Tonight I opened the back door to shake the dried mud off the rug and I heard a chorus of bird song.  A miracle, I thought!  And then I thought: no, the birds didn't start the second I opened the door. No, the birds have been singing for a while now and I have only now noticed.

Perhaps miracles are unfolding all around me and I think they are sudden because I suddenly tune in?  Maybe the kind of biblical miracle where Jesus snapped his fingers and a crippled man could suddenly walk don't happen anymore. Maybe we've got it the other way round now:  the miracles are gradual and our notice is sudden.

I think of these things, the muddy floor and rug because the yard is thawing and the children are playing like wild things.  The candle that we light in the dark morning now, while I type these words in the bright evening, when formerly there was darkness by 5 o'clock.  Birdsong and pale green shoots and water running everywhere from the dirty snow dissolving.

Well, hallelujah, winter is passing and spring is upon us!  Bring on the miracles.


Lisa said...

It's an indication of what a rough winter it's been when we look at spring coming, and snow melting, as miracles! But, I know exactly what you're saying - the month of February seemed like a whole winter and I was so surprised when I realized it had only been five weeks or so.

Winter, go! Spring, come! Hallelujah is right! :)

Alica said...

I saw some perennials peeking through today...another miracle! Every year I'm amazed at how they can survive the winter!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So happy to see the spring coming upon us.. This seems to have been a really long/cold winter..
God's miracles are so wonderful.. Love taking the time , to appreciate them..
How are you doing? Hope all are well.

jenny_o said...

We had a brief mild spell earlier this week and I heard the birds, too - and it was a welcome sound.

Rachel Weaver said...

This is a beautiful reminder. I am so glad for spring to be on her way.

Julian said...

Thankyou for the reminder. There are miracles around us everywhere. We just need to look.

Lana said...

Yes! I saw that my vinca minor is blooming and our plum tree is busting out in it's white glory.

A Russian friend of mine said that it is only in America where Christians think that God does not do miracles anymore. She said, 'In my country God still does miracles.'And indeed He does. I had a large cancerous tumor on my ovary and was scheduled for surgery. She said she would pray. I knew when it went away because the incredible pain of it stopped. When I went for my pre-op Dr visit they did another ultasound at my insistence and the tumor was no where to be found. A miracle for sure.

beth s said...

What a lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Darling, so muse-y and wonderful. I love it


BLD in MT said...

Brilliant post. Huzzah for small miracles and build up until they're finally big enough to catch our attention. The tulips are coming up. The House Finches have turned red and are singing for their mates in the trees. Spring. Hallelujah indeed.


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