Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ben Irons

He did not want to, but when I taught him how to use the iron today, his love of order took over.  He took pleasure in getting out the wrinkles and matching up the corners.  However, I stood by him the entire time because newbies tend to forget to set the hot iron up on its heel.  Sure enough, we had some close calls as four napkins were ironed.

Ben wanted to know why he needed to iron and I told him so that he could iron his shirts if he wanted to wear dress shirts when he's a man. I suddenly recalled that his father does not iron his own shirts.  I kept this realization to myself.  There's no need for logic in raising children, am I right?

He also learned to mow the yard this summer.  The most important part was remembering to put on actual shoes, not flip flops.  There are lots of skippers, but as our yard is not very tidy to begin with, it doesn't matter.

And here, for a bonus, is Genevieve washing the laundry room floor. I can't think of a new chore she learned this summer, unless it's answering the phone.  She would call that pure fun, however, and it's great entertainment for the callers.


jenny_o said...

Ben's dad may not iron his own shirts, but he COULD if he needed to, I bet. If not, maybe Ben could teach him! One thing's almost certain: Ben will ask that question sooner or later :)

You are doing so well teaching your children. And they are doing well at learning.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I am so proud of you.. You have learned 2 jobs this summer.. such and accomplishment.. And Genenvie is doing a great job on the floor.
Great job Mom..

Zoë said...

If he asks, just say that he might not always have a lady around to do it for him :)

I love seeing these glimpses of your children doing real work, not just the jobs that are typically given to kids (like putting away toys, though that is important, too). You are doing well!

BLD in MT said...

Oh, ironing...that has to be one of my least favorite tasks. Even when I am sewing I try to avoid it if possible. But, I think its a lack of practice thing (I didn't start ironing until I was out of college though so...) so I keep at it...slowly, begrudgingly, but I keep at it.

Polly said...

Send those children to my house!

Good job with the ironing. My husband does not know how to iron; I was appalled that his mother never taught him, because my father is an absolute STICKLER for properly-ironed clothes. I think it is very smart to teach children these skills. I love the lawn-mowing! Our big old yard gets mowed by a tractor, but I love the idea of cutting the grass without gasoline....my mother had a mower like that when we were little. (She also had a really big yard. And she was slim. That's probably why.)

I need to be more intentional about teaching my children skills. They know SOME, and I try to incorporate them into my tasks, but sometimes it's just so much easier to power through it solo!


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