Saturday, February 1, 2014

International Ice Cream for Breakfast 2014

My husband asked me why we weren't walking downtown to the ice cream shop to eat ice cream for breakfast there.  Because every other morning of the week, I am cajoling people to get up, get dressed, look decent and then, get out the door at some agreed-upon (or contested) time.  I like a holiday from that routine.  I like to wear my pajamas and let my hair run wild as long as I want to for just one day a week.

So.  I made hot fudge sauce, ice cream, and waffles for International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  Most of us also ate bananas.

Everyone was happy, except for Genevieve who does not care for vanilla ice cream. She celebrated International Hot Fudge and Waffles for Breakfast.

 I considered making a new Jeni's flavor, but really, simple vanilla seemed kindest to our breakfast palates.


momma-lana said...

I didn't even know there was an International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! We sure missed that one! We did make homemade ice cream this week even though we were cold and shivering after we ate it. Yum!

jenny_o said...

That looks delicious, Margo!

Rebecca said...

We walked passed the ice cream shop and saw everybody and his/her brother. You made the right choice.

Hazel said...

I made ginger ice cream, cinnamon rolls and- much to my childrens delight- homemade Magic Shell.
I knew nobody would choose ginger if I offered, so I didn't ask and just made it. As I suspected they all loved it, despite reservations, and it went very well with the dark chocolate in the topping.

It also happened to be my eldest daughter's birthday so she was especially pleased :-)

Margo said...

Hazel, WOW. That sounds so good! I might copy your menu next year. Do you have a link to your ginger ice cream recipe on Pinterest?

BLD in MT said...

:) Fun. And "International Hot Fudge and Waffles for Breakfast" sounds pretty good, too. We've got a fabulous ice cream cookbook from the library right now that is only serving to reinforce the fact that our ice cream maker needs replaced...which we're not eager to do...other than that we are certainly eager to eat more homemade ice cream!

Anonymous said...

what a yummy breakfast..
I too , like the one day to say in and just enjoy..without having to get everyone dressed and rushed.. Proud you had a good day.

Hazel said...

Margo- my family have asked for waffles and hot fudge sauce next year :)
The ginger ice cream recipe was from this book, one of a series of many you find for sale in Stately Homes and tourist attractions in the UK (Mine came from my Great Aunt)
4 fl oz water
3 oz caster sugar (I used ordinary granulated)
3 egg yolks
1/2 pt double (heavy) cream
3 oz stem ginger, finely chopped
1 tbsp ginger syrup from the jar
Heat water and sugar on low until sugar dissolved. Increase heat and boil 2-3 mins until a little cooled syrup forms a thread when drawn between thumb and forefinger (225 F). Cool slightly, then pour onto egg yolks, whisking constantly until the mixture is thick and mousse-like.
Whip cream until thick but not stiff and fold in ginger. Fold 2 mixtures together, adding ginger syrup. Freeze until firm. (The fat content means this is no-churn but I used my ice cream making attachment because I made it that morning!)
I looked this for this recipe online and found some similar ones with honey instead of sugar syrup which sound good and simpler to make.

The cinnamon rolls are the cinnamon bread recipe on my baking board, but cut into 12 and using a homemade enriched white dough instead of the frozen dough she stipulates.

Margo said...

Hazel, thanks for the recipe. If I'm using raw ginger, I guess I could just make add ginger to the simple syrup if I don't have liquid from a jar?

Hazel said...

Yes, I should think so. I found some recipes with raw ginger and/or ground ginger when I googled the recipe.

I like ginger and apricot- some chopped dried apricots might go nicely in a raw ginger ice cream...


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