Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Burpcloths for Babies

Burpcloths are my standard baby gift because I can make them quickly, play with the colors and customize them to the family, and they are practical for puking babies and then older babies who want a lovey.  I use 2 pieces of 11x17 flannel for each burpcloth, usually piecing at least one side for interest. I sew them together wrong sides, leaving a hole to turn it.  I topstitch the burpcloth, closing the hole in the process.

These are for twin girls born to friends across town.

And these are for a new little guy.

 I took his parents a meal, too, and stopped to snap a photo of the slaw as I made it because it was so fresh looking.  The rest of the meal was chili, buttermilk cornmeal biscuits, and the lemon bars Leila was raving about.


Alica said...

Some of my favorite baby gifts were the homemade burp cloths that I received from a friend. That flannel would be soooo soft!

jenny_o said...

This post is so full of love for those babies and their families. You know how to do it right. We are past the stage of friends having babies, but looking ahead to grandchildren - and their parents will need this kind of caring, too.

Dianna said...

Your cloths are very pretty! I think every baby should have something handmade.

Mary Anne Musser said...

Hey! I recognize those! Just so everyone knows, they are being well used! And, this family also received not one, but TWO meals from Margo!

Judy said...

Burp cloths are adorable.. and I know , they are always such a proud to receive gift..
How sweet of you to make dinner for them too.. I know that was really appreciated..

Polly said...

Homemade burpcloths are the best, because they are bigger and more substantial than any flimsy Gerber thing. I have never made any, but I received some as gifts....now, however, I need to put this into my head as a great future-easy-to-sew gift!

Margo said...

My friend Jan told me that she buys pre-fold diapers and sews pretty ribbon on top of the 2 seams to make burpcloths. That's even easier than mine!


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