Monday, January 13, 2014

A Long-Enough Skirt for the Tall Girl

Turns out, I can't buy skirts anymore that are long enough for my tall girl.  They hit her at mid-thigh, which I consider a mini-skirt.  Is this the gateway to tween fashion, perhaps?

So I have made her a new school skirt.  It's fine-wale stretch corduroy from JoAnn's (bought with a 40% off coupon, of course).

Even with the stretch, I still had to add a little elastic to the back waistband.  Little girls do not have hips for the skirt to rest on, so they need elastic or suspenders.  Or surrender to the jumper.

She wears a little pair of knit shorts under the skirt.  I asked her if I should use matching yellow thread or another color to sew them.  She thought hot pink would be pretty, and now she calls them her pink lemonade shorts.  I put a little hot pink heart in the back waistband as a "tag" so she knows which way to put them on.  This is my favorite detail of making clothes for my kids!

I'm planning to make her a skort next, because it's so handy for her to slip on one piece of clothing instead of two.  I'll use a shorts pattern and then add a pleated flap to the front.


jenny_o said...

SO cute, Margo! Both the clothes and the girl :)

Rozy Lass said...

I made almost all my daughters skirts and dresses when she was young because she was a beanpole. The things that fit her around were way too short, and those that fit in length drowned her. Your daughter is blessed to have a mom who can and will sew for her. Good looking skirt.

Zoë said...

Looks great! I should sew some more skirts for Jada. She loves long (to her ankles) dresses and skirts these days and like you said, all of the current styles are too short! Lately (when at home) she's been running around in a dress of mine from when I was in high school. It was a knee-length thing so it comes to the floor on her. Of course is also falls off her shoulders but she doesn't care!

As soon as I'm finished piecing the quilt top for our bed (king size! small triangles! what was a I thinking!!) I have three sewing projects I'd like to tackle: sweatpants for J, a skirt for J, and an ironing board cover. What sort of fabric would you suggest for an ironing board cover? I want it to last a looong time :)

BLD in MT said...

Pink Lemonade shorts. How precious!
I've considered making skirts with built in shorts for myself for more vigorous tree-climbing, rock scrambling type activities. But, the idea has only made it to the thought phase.

Margo said...

Zoe, I just made a new ironing board cover and I'll post about it this week - with comments on the method and fabric.

I love the idea of Jada in her long dresses and skirts! And I would love to see your king-size quilt with triangles.

Miri said...

Adorable! I too have a long-legged girl and do not prefer the mini skirt look. Call me crazy, I wonder what people are thinking stocking the stores that way.

Judy said...

such a cute skirt.. And G looks very happy in it.. My twin granddaughters can not buy skirts either.. TOOO Short.. Happy sewing.

Polly said...

The skirt is great and very versatile!I'm also really loving the polka-dot socks and blue shoes! YES!

Amelie xona said...

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