Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still Working on the Bierrocks

We made another batch of bierrocks for the freezer, for packed lunches.  I am not pleased enough with the results or confident enough of the technique to post a recipe, but I thought I'd share the bumps along the way.

This was on a Saturday, so I conscripted the children with their rolling pins (we have 2 child-sized ones for this very purpose and for play-doh, of course, and I'm not very careful about getting the play-doh cleaned off, it's true).  They rolled all the dough into little oblong-ish circles. 

My notes on the recipe indicated that "golf-ball-sized" balls of dough made bierrocks that were too big for the children's lunches.  So we aimed smaller and ran out of filling twice.  Twice!  I was annoyed.

The three fillings, in order of preparation:
1.  chopped, steamed broccoli mixed with a cup of strong cheese sauce (a white sauce flavored strongly with some onions, sharp cheese, and dry mustard)
2.  sauerkraut, grated cheese, and mushrooms
3.  peanut butter, apple butter, and raisins

Genevieve had the peanut butter ones in her lunch.  It was her idea to add raisins, and she said the whole thing was tasty.

But apparently I don't have sealing skilz because most of the bierrocks leaked their filling when they were baked - or maybe that was because of the white sauce being too much liquid for this application?  We'll pack lunches through this batch, and when we make bierrockas again, I'll let you know.

By the way, both our children get free lunches at their schools (for different reasons, but it means the same thing to our wallets).  Genevieve strongly prefers a packed lunch from home, but Ben waffles back and forth. 

On one hand, it's annoying to pack lunches and does cost us money, but on the other hand, the school food is inferior and shreds our home food culture.  I know my children are healthier eating home food, which is, in itself, a savings in the long run of medical expenses and missed school days and activities.  So I do cheerfully pack lunches for them and only occasionally suggest mildly that they could have a school lunch.


Zoë said...

I made beirrocks for the first yesterday. We loved them! I used the cabbage/beef filling. Mine looked like tennis balls...yours look more like calzones! A bit of my filling leaked, too. I think it has to do with the bubbling liquid expanding and needing somewhere to escape.

I'll have to try the sauerkraut filling. Thanks for the ideas!

Eva Girl said...

They look delicious! It sounds like a perfect alternative to sandwiches!

Stephanie said...

I've never heard of bierocks having anything besides cabbage onion and beef mix in them. My husband likes to add jalapeños and cheddar to his.
I haven't made any yet this winter- you've inspired me- maybe will plan to make some this weekend.

Margo said...

Zoe, so maybe I should give a little fork-prick in the very top. Hm.

Eva, yup, it's much easier to pull a bierrock out of the freezer than make a sandwich in the morning! They're Mennonite hot pockets, I guess (I don't think I've ever had a hot pocket).

Hazel said...

I've heard bierocks mentioned on blogs, but I've just looked up the recipe for the first time.

I haven't made bierocks before, but I've made filled bread rolls before. The first recipe I followed used Chinese style chicken, and I then made an Italianate vegetable version, which were both very popular. (I actually did 2 versions of that- one with pesto, one that was like pizza).I have both cold beef and a cabbage waiting to be used up, so something like 'proper' bierocks may be on the packed lunch menu this week. Thanks!

Margo said...

Well, Hazel, exactly. I think bread dough + odds-n-ends works very well here! The traditional Mennonite ones were cabbage and beef - I've never actually made those.

Hazel said...

Margot, I hope my comment didn't sound sarcastic- looking at it again it reads as though I'm trying to be a bit smart. If it did, I didn't mean it like that, really!
Also, I meant to say ages ago that we all loved the red pepper marmalade. My husband has started putting it on pretty much anything- it's been a big hit, so thank you for sharing the recipe.

Margo said...

Hazel, I didn't think of that at all. No worries!

I'm so glad you like the marmalade. It's one of our favorite condiments, too!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

These look so yummmy. Know ,you hate that they spilled out.. but the photo just showed us the yummy contents.. When you get it, the way you want it.. I look forward to the recipe. thanks for sharing.. I just know my picky grandaughter would love the peanut butter one.[she lives on peanut butter,ha]


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