Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Zipper Solution

Suddenly, 3 zippers at our house are snipped between the teeth, so the zipper slider flies right off the track when it gets to that spot.  Not good.  We think it may be from the bunny nibbling at the zippers when the children are snuggling her!

The one zipper is mostly decorative on Genevieve's top, another zipper is on Genevieve's hood so now she will wear a hat the rest of winter, but the other zipper is on Ben's only sweatshirt.  So I fixed it. 

I trimmed off the rest of the plastic teeth above the snip and bound the raw edge in bias tape.  I stitched extra hard to make a zipper stop, but if the zipper pull is being dragged up hard, it can still fly off.  Oh well.


 It's more functional now, and the kids have been warned to keep the bunny's teeth away from their zippers.  I'm not keen to replace coat zippers again!


beth said...

LOVE your solution. ;)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Fantastic idea... and it makes the sweatshirt jacket sooo cute.. I may have to do this to mine [and the rabbits haven't chewed mine off,ha]

jenny_o said...

What a good idea - I'm not a fan of replacing zippers either. Anything that will substitute for that job is a good solution to me.


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