Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Last Corn

Corn was scarce at market this week and my favorite farmer confirmed that this would be the last corn from her farm.  Hello, fall!
They saved the silk and any wiggly worms to play with.  Poor wormies.

All summer, the children have come running when I yelled for them to husk the corn.  I bought a dozen ears, occasionally two dozen.

Usually there were a few ears left over and that's how I preserved my corn this year!  I didn't buy a big batch, I just cut it off here and there as we had extra ears.  I got that tip from my mom.

Sometimes I grilled the corn if it was terribly hot, but other times I boiled it.  I've got jars of both, down in the freezer.  I don't actually know how much is down there, but I need to organize the freezer a bit before we get our eighth of beef in November.

I should tell you about these black chairs, too.  Our neighbor set them out for the trash this spring because he was cleaning up his weedy, neglected back yard and the chairs were mossy with 1970s cushions.  I'm guessing that was his reasoning, anyway, because neither party has acknowledged to the other that we now have these nice sturdy chairs.
My husband painted the chairs black with paint we had on hand, and I stalked the mall sales until I got 2 reversible cushions on sale from the Bon-Ton for $60 total.  They are all-weather cushions, which means the rain doesn't hurt them.  That's handy, since our backyard can get quite neglected too.  Maybe it's the neighborhood theme?


Eva Girl said...

One man's trash is another resourceful woman's teasure ; ) Some people just don't want to take the time to make something nice!
I'm keeping my eyes out for a table and chairs for our side yard...I just know I'll see some "free" by the road sometime!

BLD in MT said...

I love a good trashside find. Good for you to salvage something so perfectly usable from a fate in the landfill.

We just froze a couple dozen ears worth from our community garden last night. Our corn was really late this year. It was getting to the point I thought we might not get to freeze any.

I could eat corn until the cows come home. Grilled is one of my favorites.

jenny_o said...

I'd never thought of freezing leftover cooked corn, so thank you for writing about it. I don't make jams, pickles, or anything that requires canning, but I have a good large freezer so I can do this.

Your chairs and cushions look very nice.

I've been reading your back posts for awhile and love your sewing ideas and attitudes about materials and processes . It has opened up a new area of thinking for me. Thank you for sharing here.

Crystal said...

Great idea for the corn. I usually use leftovers for Stoplight salad. I did up 5 dozen ears this year. I had help with husking, but the rest of the job is mine. It's one preserving job I like to do with a group of people. It seems to take all day if there's a few or many dozen!

Love the story of the chairs. So fun to find treasure in the trash.


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