Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picking Limas

My dad called yesterday and said this was a good year for lima beans and did we want to pick some Saturday morning? 

Well, yes, although I wasn't looking to add anything to my busy weekend and my freezer is nearly full.  My husband and I chose to view this trip out to my father's childhood farm as a refreshing break from the city and a special time with family.

It's a perfect early fall day, almost too cool for tee-shirts, with a brilliant blue sky; it was a lovely way to get fresh air, spend time with family, and come home with some more food for the freezer. For $18, we have a large bucket of limas, a dozen bi-color corn, a quart of Roma beans, a pint of grape tomatoes, and 4 frying peppers.

Tonight, we'll shell the limas to a movie after the kids are in bed - I just went down to the library and got Casablanca and Cabaret, so my husband can choose.


Lisa said...

Casablanca - what a movie. I have a hard time doing handwork while viewing something I really like - I want to pay close attention.

You got a real good deal for so much vegetables and sunshine.

Hazel said...

Another vote for Casablanca. Love that film. Actually, love pretty much anything with Humphrey Bogart in it.

Happy bean shelling.

How do you eat fresh lima beans? I've only ever eaten cooked dried ones (butter beans in the UK). My favourite way is pureed with garlic, lemon and parsley as a dip/spread, but I put them in stews and casseroles too.

Margo said...

Hi, Hazel. We commonly eat them cooked with corn, with a bit of cream and butter - it's called succotash around here. I will blanch and freeze most of these limas, and put them in vegetable soup, baked beans, or lima bean chowder in the winter. I like your dip recipe. I would like to get more creative with my limas!

BLD in MT said...

That sounds like fun! Family and food (at a great price)! What more could one ask for?!

I think I should try to make some succotash sometime. I like everything in it so why not?! Sounds nice and easy, too.

Hazel said...

Thanks Margo.

I have made succotash (well, an extremely unauthentic version!). Didn't think of making it with fresh beans- I bet it's delicious.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Sounds like a lovely outing. And I smiled thinking of you watching a great classic while shelling beans! Hands always busy.


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