Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Never Scheduling Anything For the End of August Again

This is a note to myself:  the end of August and the beginning of September are full enough, do not add anything else that can possibly be avoided.

 1. Children start school. That means groggy adjustments to bedtime and morning rush, plus the previous weeks of figuring out what school things needed to be bought or made.

2. We have an anniversary to celebrate. Our mothers have birthdays.

 3. The tyranny of the produce is at its height. My preserving notebook has proved this over and over, and these red peppers were no exception. Rebecca called with a note of hilarious panic in her voice. Well, shoot, I want to eat pimento cheese in the dead of winter, so yes, Ben and I went at it. Bless his heart, he tried very hard to wash the jars like his big sister who was away at school.

Add to this a number of social and church obligations that I should have put off until other weeks, and it has been exhausting. I think, maybe, I'm on the other side now.
The wash is on the line, I've got yogurt to make and chicken breasts to poach (for this salad), and I'm hoping to pick up my repaired sewing machine today.


Rebecca said...

Oh, I hope dear Bernina is feeling better and home again in a jiffy.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Plop me in October and I'm a happy girl. I agree, August and early September are quite demanding, but at least you have peppers.

Hazel said...

J bought lots of peppers last week and they all got roasted, dried or frozen. I feel the need to buy more to pickle...

Polly said...

I am so inspired by you. I want to eat pimento cheese in the dead of winter, too, and have never once considered canning peppers.

I have a lot to learn, it seems...even with my farm girl upbringing.

(Only recently did I read dire warnings about how to ALWAYS use a water bath method when canning jams/jellies..I have never done that b/c I learned at my grandmother's knee...and now I am thanking God from saving me from the brutal death of botulism as I clearly put my family at risk for years.....eek.)


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