Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Next Handwork: Chicken Scratch

We were at a family reunion last weekend, and my husband's Aunt Carol had the neatest tablecloth.  It was a large square of gingham, with cross-stitch Xs making a star pattern and border on it.  Carol used dark floss on the white squares, and white floss on the dark squares. 

The dark splotches are water.  Should have taken a close up photo, too.

I knew already that this kind of embroidery using gingham is called "chicken scratch" and I even have an apron embroidered with it.  But I loved her tablecloth for its utility and homey look.  I associated chicken scratch with aprons, and I just don't wear aprons often, even though I love their design and milieu.

I suddenly realized that this tablecloth will be my next big handwork project.  It's fairly mindless once I find the middle and establish my pattern, the materials are easy to come by, and the end result is definitely something I will use.


Eva Girl said...

That's my kind of project too! Love the simplicity and usefulness of it : ) Did she do a border too?

Margo said...

Yes, there's a border, but I can't recall what it was. Luckily Aunt Carol lives close by, because I want more photos to look at when I do mine!

Robyn said...

Wow thats all Cross Stitch? the whole thing? it's really beautiful.. I wish I knew how to do counted cross stitch I can just never figure it out..

Margo said...

Robyn, that's the beauty of it - it's so easy to figure out! You just make an X in the perfect little gingham square! Of course, some people do more complicated stitches, but I plan to do a simple X. Knot on the backside, which is hidden underneath. Simple.

nancy said...

My Grandma did that too. She did some cute bodices on my summer dresses when I was little. They were so pretty!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love chicken scratch... so simple and fun. Don't you love projects that don't require too many supplies, or a pattern?!

Baby Sister has a gingham dress with chicken scratch around the bottom that my mom made for me once upon a time. I adore it.


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