Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Photos From the Past

A little blast from the past for Leila and Rosie's collection of pretty/happy/funny/real.  I looked through some old photos to gear myself up for a project; we're going to buy an external hard drive to store photos and it will be one of my fall projects to purge and organize the photos.

This is Ben, when he was 8 months old (he was 2.5 when I started this blog).  I adore the eagerness of baby eaters, but the mess!  The mess!  I do not miss it. That highchair was an ugly model from the 80s, found in the trash in my parents' alley.  We later replaced it with a groovy vintage metal one.

Genevieve and Ben visiting Great-Grandpa Allen.  In a little bit, they would hop on his walker seat and he would push them around.  Grandpa Allen has passed on, but Genevieve still has some dear memories of him.

Daddy and Genevieve made truffles together when Ben was an infant (so she would have been just 3 in this photo) and this was Daddy's solution for keeping her clean-ish.  She was as happy as a little pig in mud.

And here is a sweet, sweet old photo from my childhood.  That's me in the back on the right, looking like middle school, I think.  My brother is in the dark blue shirt, little Virginia cousins down front.  And in the middle, my friends, is Grandma Weaver (and Grandpa, too, but she is epic).  My aunt says this photo was taken at their house in Virginia, but I have no memory of it. 

How happy to be lifted out of my pressing business and long lists and wafted into the past where we take photos of the happy times!  I feel a bit more centered as I take up the work again.


Sarah Barry said...

I get a kick out of grandma Weaver!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Thankyou for sharing some of your memories .. so fun. I really enjoyed them.. The kids were adorable and still are!!!
I too remember when the high chairs had more food on them and the baby's faces than in the belly, ha, and my babies are 35 and 39!!! [Whew.. I am getting]

Eva Girl said...

Such a fun look into your life! Thank you for sharing : )

nancy said...

How cute. We've been scanning photos too for the last year and storing them on a external drive. I have some photos of my Grandpa's from WW1 and his childhood, the 1880's. What a history lesson :)


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