Friday, August 31, 2012

Figs with the Blue Moon

The children and I picked figs today at a friend's house.  Their sticky juice was hard to scrub off, much like pine tar!

And we ate a few as we picked and were surprised at how tasteless they were - pretty as all get out, but not much flavor or sweetness.

So I'm not sure that I'm inspired to do much with them.  I thought I had eaten tasty fresh figs before, but maybe I was only recalling dried ones (or Fig Newtons!).  Any suggestions?


oukay said...

You might try waiting a few days - I have had figs get a little riper with waiting. Try a lemon and fig jam/marmalade. It is a great combo.

Rebecca said...

Oh, the ones I had were like concentrated lumps of liquid sugar! Like oukay says, I wonder if they're not ripe enough. Ask that there Google. I wonder if they're like pears that you have to ripen off the tree or like tomatoes that ripen on the vine.

Sylvia said...

I've eaten figs right off the bush that were unseemly delicious. It was a little later in the fall, so I second the question of ripeness. Either that, or variety. And beautiful? Oh my, what a pretty face! Remembering that taste, I got figs at market once, only to have your experience. The market figs had made a trip from CA. I won't be tempted by them again. So my guess is pick at the moment of ripeness and eat at once.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Give them a little time; sounds like they're not quite ripe. I love to make fig preserves. Here's a yummy breakfast sandwich that I love:

Spread bread with fig preserves. Add some havarti cheese and some cooked bacon and top with another piece of bread. Butter both sides of sandwich and grill. Delish!

I love the title of this post.

Margo said...

well, unfortunately, they were ripe enough because they all got moldy! It's been very humid, too.

Christian, that sounds like a FAB sandwich. I could see making fig preserves and doing that. Thanks.


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