Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Iced Tea for My Mother

Because my parents and sister came over for Sunday night "supper" (read: popcorn and whatever else we find in the fridge).  I had just straightened my tea cupboard and realized I hadn't made black tea all summer, just backyard mint

And then I liked the little cap of teabag papers on top of the jar. 


Rebecca said...

Do you sweeten it?

Kristen (by the book paper) said...

I love homemade tea. I am lucky to have a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker that brews a whole pitcher and it's ready to drink as soon as it's done. I just add a little sugar. I've made so much of it over the summer!

Sylvia said...

I love the tea bag cap, and, especially, finding beauty in the moment! Well done!

Beth said...

Wow. I'm just amazed at contrasts. Deep southerners (most of them anyway) LIVE on iced black tea. We go through about 2.5 gallons a week here at our house in the summer. And the kids and I don't drink it. Only the husband does!

Kind of you to make it specially for your parents!

Margo said...

Rebecca, I did this time because otherwise my mother will add sugar to the cold tea and it just takes forever to dissolve. Normally, we drink it unsweetened.

Naomi (aka Margo's mom) said...

Margo's mum loved the tea . . . so sweet and strong. Thank you!!


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