Monday, September 26, 2011

Genevieve's Favorite Breakfast

Raisin cinnamon scones and lemon curd.

I realized as I made them twice last week that scones are basically biscuits with extras.  Huh.  I've been making scones for several years without making that connection. 

Biscuits are the fastest quick bread I know.  I like to have a little race by turning on the oven first and seeing if I can get the biscuits ready to pop in before the oven reaches 425. 

But my point is that biscuits/scones are not out of reach for breakfast, if you're awake enough and the children aren't up yet.  How lovely to wake to baking breakfast wafting up the steps. . .

My neighbor Kim gave me a somewhat cheater version of lemon curd.  Classic lemon curd is just lemon, egg yolks, sugar, and butter.  This uses whole eggs and cornstarch, too - less fussy and maybe easier to make?  I don't know - we like it so much I never made the classic stuff.

Kim's Lemon Curd

Beat in a small heatproof bowl and set aside:
2 eggs

In a medium saucepan, combine:
1/8 tsp. salt
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp. cornstarch
2 tsp. fine lemon zest (from 1 large lemon)
1/4 c. lemon juice (from 1 large lemon)

Cut into chunks:
1/4 cup butter

Add the butter to the saucepan and stir over low heat until thickened and bubbly.

Stir some of the hot lemon mixture into the beat eggs, stirring the eggs continuously.  This tempers the eggs.  Now pour the egg/lemon mixture very slowly into the hot lemon stuff in the saucepan, stirring continuously.

Cook and stir for 2 minutes - no longer or the egg could curdle.
Pour into a glass bowl or jar and refrigerate for several hours before using.  It thickens as it cools.  Will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge if there are no double dippers adding germs to it!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Genevieve has good taste! I'm sure the lemon curd is delicious. I love it served over cheesecake with a garnish of fresh fruit.

Eva Girl said...

Scones and lemon curd is one of our favorites around here too! I like to make mine with cranberries...may have to make some tomorrow ; )

Tracy said...

Huh! All this time I thought classic lemon curd did have eggs.

I loves scones. Anytime!

Making it vintage said...

Next to ginger, cinnamon is my next favourite milk, honey and cinnamon, my cure for all ills.........those scones look delicious, lucky Genevieve. x


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