Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Dinner: Amish Church Dinner

I have been editing a cookbook written by an Amish woman, and among other useful, fascinating ideas I picked up from her is the Amish church dinner.  The Amish meet in each others' homes for church services and eat Sunday dinner together afterwards.
This is the menu:

homemade bread + butter
church spread (peanut butter, marshmallow creme, and corn syrup)
homemade pickles and pickled beets
2 kinds of sliced cheese
cold meat
garden (mint) tea
homemade pie

Aren't the Amish ladies clever to plan for a meal that is easy to transport and can satisfactorily feed a crowd? I welcome the simplicity of this meal, the ease of getting this on the table after church. In the winter, I like a cozy Sunday dinner that is baking all morning long while we're at church, but now, in hot weather, no one wants that heat and heavy food.  So we're going Amish for Sunday dinners in the hot weather!

My version, today, was BLTs on storebought bread with popcorn. Homemade ice cream (Jeni's black coffee) and pretzels for dessert.  I'll share more iterations as we have them.  My only conundrum is what we're going to eat for Sunday supper, which was always popcorn and sandwich-y scraps and leftovers.


Laura said...

I love this menu. Simple but filling and allowing for ease of serving. I’m blessed to be in a situation where my mom and (94-year-old) Grandma take turns hosting Sunday dinners, and we are always invited. Grandma loves to cook and it gives her something to plan and enjoy. My mom, I think, wouldn’t mind a bit more simplicity, but keeps it up for Grandma’s sake. It was the way things were done!

I have had to rethink Sunday nights because apparently my family isn’t content with microwave popcorn and scavenging from the fridge! The past few weeks I have just decided on a consistent menu. When I described it to a friend, she said they call it their “European meal.” French bread or crackers, a fun cheese like Gouda or Brie, summer sausage, raw fruits and veggies. My kids were very enthusiastic the first Sunday evening this showed up on the table. I suppose I may have to mix it up eventually but for now it’s really working!

MamaMunchy said...

Both these ideas are genius! We’re in a transitional mode as a family with number six on the way so I desperately needed this simple option for a more restful Sunday. Thank you!

Becky said...

We do a few weeknight dinners like this too. Bread, cheese & pickles are my favorite dinner during the summer.

Lana said...

Our oldest daughter's family are missionaries in Germany and they have this sort of meal for supper most nights since the big meal in Germany is at lunchtime. They really like it and she loves not having a big meal to clean up after in the evenings when they have time with the kids or meetings for their work. Sometimes she does a salad bar with cooked chicken to add to the salads. Our grandchildren are happy to eat it as long as they have piles of the ingredients on their plates. My husband will happily eat a bowl of cereal on Sunday nights but now that it is just the two of us we always have leftover pizza from Saturday night since we can only eat half of one at a time. When I was growing up Sunday nights was always fried eggs and toast and cocoa. We did fend for yourself when our kids were growing up and clean it up after yourself too. I think it was their favorite meal of the week.

Naomi said...

When our boys were growing up we had a standard Sunday lunch of oatmeal waffles. Easy to make and with topping of peanut butter and syrup there was no need for dessert. Which, to be honest, we rarely had anyway!
Sunday evenings are always popcorn, cheese and apples.

AmyK said...

I love hearing Sunday meal ideas! Question for you Margo: how are the pb, marshmallow fluff and corn syrup combined? Are they just put on bread separately? I am familiar with the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff combo but not the addition of corn syrup...

Margo said...

AmyK, I'm not actually planning to use the Amish church spread. It sounds ridiculously sweet to me :) but I listed it with their menu since it's traditional. If I was you, I would just google Amish church spread or Amish peanut butter. I thought it had honey in it - and perhaps the corn syrup could be swapped out for honey for a modicum of health!

Sarah Barry said...

Your Sunday dinners are inspiring!

We make a lot of eggs on Sunday. We go to early church and get home around 10:45, so if feels like brunch. Then we have a sweet treat in the afternoon.

I do enjoy a good blt this time of year and your presentation is lovely.

That Amish meal is so interesting and yes, those ladies are so clever.


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