Friday, February 9, 2018

Let's Do Our Phoebes!

About a year ago, my husband started doing push-ups with Phoebe on his back for extra weight.  Then he added the lifts you see in the video (be sure to note the way he extends up on to his toes at the top of the lift). 

He also dips Phoebe behind his back. 

Phoebe adores ordering her daddy to the floor to "do our Phoebes!" She usually counts out loud, incorrectly but with great purpose, for him.

All of this strength training is good for him, fun for Phoebe, and 100% free (if you don't add up the cost of feeding and housing a toddler - let's not - otherwise, very thrifty strength training).

Every day Phoebe gets incrementally older and heavier - how many years can they keep this up? 


Polly said...

So cute! My husband did the same thing (not the one in the back) for years. In fact, for a long time he couldn't do a push-up without a toddler climbing onto him, because after all, that was the routine. :) I used to use a toddler as a weight as well--not for push-ups, but for arms and legs.

But doing the "Phoebes" is such a great word--much better for a weightlifting routine name than our kids' names!

Jennie C. said...

Love! Excercise and quality time all in one, and the photos are perfect. ��

Alica said...

Love it!

Becky said...

I was in far better shape with a toddler than I am with a teenager.

e said...

Getting some use out of those toddlers!

I have always referred to this as the Hercules method of weight training. Hercules lifted a newborn calf and continued to lift it every day until it was a full grown bullock. Now, that's strong! Lol.

I also followed this method for quite a while. I would carry my daughter up the stairs to bed every night until she was pretty far into elementary school. Eventually, I had to use a fireman's lift because she was nearly as big as me! That was the end of the exercise because she said it was too uncomfortable to be thrown over my shoulder. Good times!

jenny_o said...

How sweet! And how useful :)

I know I couldn't carry a toddler - or even a baby - now, the way I used to. Yet I am carrying extra pounds on myself - oh dear!

Betty said...

Isn't that the cutest thing! Love it..

BLD in MT said...

That is brilliant. Not to mention adorable as all get out. That looks like a full body workout to me!


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