Sunday, January 7, 2018

Phoebe's House

Genevieve seized the big box that her Christmas beanbag chair came in and made it into a house for Phoebe.  She did it swiftly with a box cutter and so effectively with the fold-up door and a handhold. Let us not overlook the curtain, either.

Phoebe was thrilled. She wore her new red socks, fresh off my knitting needles, and sat down for a good play with her doctor kit.  I used the same pattern as before, with thrift-store red wool.

Flushed with success, Genevieve made a more ambitious cardboard structure, a boat of sorts, for her little cousin.  I am afraid it may have gotten smashed in the presents' melee at my parents' house, but no one seemed upset.


Lisa said...

How good of Genevieve - I'm sorry to not see the boat, too. You are really on a sock roll!

Becky said...

I love box houses! How sweet of G to make one for her sister. Sweet socks.

Sarah Barry said...

Nothing better than a cardboard box!

Hazel said...

I've just been to see a friend with younger children and their Christmas present beanbags are in the corner whilst the house-train they made from the box is in the middle of the room :-)

jenny_o said...

So creative - like mother, like daughter :) Love the little red socked feet poking out of the door!


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