Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Clever Zippered Pocket

My aunt Esther got me this handwork bag and I love it.  But the metal zipper on the pocket developed bent teeth that could not be fixed by orthodontia.  I looked at it more closely, and marveled at the clever design of this zippered pocket.

The zipper is topstitched on one side to the top of the pocket flap, and then topstitched on the other side to the bag itself, with both ends sewn down.  So simple and functional.  It was easy to remove the broken zipper and put in a new one.

This is my knitting bag, so I keep little items in the pocket like a measuring tape, rubber needle tips, yarn needle, etc.

Currently, I'm working on a Nola Cloche for myself that I fell in love with from the photos.  I hope my version turns out just as beautifully.


jenny_o said...

I love the cloche design. That one detail makes all the difference.

I must keep in mind the trick with the zipper and the pocket - so useful.

BLD in MT said...

Dang. That is clever. I'm on a bit of bag-making kick (since we needed some and I love a functional sewing project) so I might try and incorporate this!


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