Friday, September 29, 2017

Genevieve Wears the 1980s Wrap Skirt

True wrap skirts are fantastic for the growing girl.  She can adjust it to whatever size her slim waist has going on as she grows. This skirt was, frankly, getting too skimpy on my middle-aged spread. 

This skirt has a special history.  My aunt married a South African and lived there for years in the 80s.  She would bring her sisters gifts when she and my uncle came back to the States to visit, and one year, it was this wrap skirt for my mother.  I remember my mom wearing it with a peach oxford short-sleeved shirt.  No one else in our tight little Mennonite world was wearing South African wrap skirts in peachy tones.  

My mom gave it to me when I was in college.  I shortened it a bit, and used those scraps in various projects over the years (I'm sure there's photographic evidence on my blog somewhere, but my quick search didn't find it).  

Now the skirt is on my oldest daughter - let's hope it doesn't fall apart before it gets to the little daughter!


Tammy said...

Love this!

I cracked up laughing when I saw the last picture! My daughter used to dive like that on our old couch, but once we got new furniture, she was no longer allowed to jump and dive and generally mistreat the furniture. ;-) I am happy with our new furniture (it was our first living room set we purchased together - after 16 years of marriage!), but I do miss having a couch that can be treated with little care!

Lisa said...

What a nice thing, to have that skirt be so pleasing to all the women in your family, and last this long!

*Margo, I just read another Church Mice book and laughed out loud, and so will you, but probably not Phoebe. Does your library have any Gene Zion? It's older stuff from the 50s and 60s: Harry the Dirty Dog, Harry and the Lady Next Door, Harry by the Sea, The Plant Sitter. They are so absolutely charming, and Phoebe would love Harry the dog, I'm sure. The text is just right and the pictures of Harry, so cute.

MamaMunchy said...

I just gave my wrap skirt to my skinny 12 year old. It looks great on her and solves the problem that buying skirts is really hard these days for that age. Love the pictures!

jenny_o said...

Wrap skirts are timeless and that one is a beauty. Love the final photo along with your remark just before it!

Alica said...

Love It! The skirt and the rambunctious girl! :)

Becky said...

I love this!

BLD in MT said...

That is SO cool. An heirloom skirt. A skirt with a story. SO cool.

onlineclothing said...

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