Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back Yard, August 17, 10:16am

I had just gotten done hanging up three loads of laundry, with one more agitating in the machine. I wanted to document these luxuriant, volunteer squash vines; one appears to be a butternut, and the other a small ornamental. I planted some cucumbers elsewhere in the yard, on purpose, but they did the dramatic overnight flop-wilt-die after giving us two cucumbers, whereas these crazy squash vines are not giving up.

Inbetween them are the zinnias I planted from seed. I am so proud.

 My peppers are growing well, but slowly this year.  They are not helped by the toddler who picks them too young on the sly.  And the green beans are doing fine, but the herbs are not.

There is always some kind of weird structure in the yard.  Behind Phoebe is, obviously, a guinea pig hutch for the guinea pig that the parents have already said no to.  

Phoebe means business with that hammer; she is not pounding her fingers, either.


Hazel said...

My new neighbour moved some compost and has ended up with the most enormous pumpkin. My deliberately planted ones look rather weedy by comparison.

Lisa said...

I say get her power tools for Christmas. But what a nice surprise to have the squash vines!

Becky said...

The cucumber plants I started from seed got eaten by something, but I've had some glorious tomato plants pop up in their place from the compost I put in the pot for the cucumbers.

My peppers and basil are struggling this year. Could be neglect, could be the weather. Hard to tell.

Judith Lehman said...

My sad experience has led me to taste all volunteer squash before preparing any dishes with them. They can end up very bitter unfortunately. I ruined a lovely French garbure recipe using volunteer pumpkin. It must have reverted to one of its former hybrid selves.

Polly said...

Looks lush! I love your garden!

How do you hang out three loads at once? I'm hanging laundry out exclusively (dryer broke a while back, but I prefer the line anyhow, so we're not fixing it...) but I have only enough line to do one load at once. It's okay, it just keeps me on my toes all day long, switching and hanging!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Your garden looks great!

BLD in MT said...

I confess: I peeked in on the guinea pigs when we went to the pet shop for cat food and nearly came home with one. Okay, not nearly...but I did entertain the notion for a minute or two.

Congrats on the zinnias!

We planted squash which were so poky as to not amount to much. The volunteer? Huge, great big fruit. Whatever. So long as there is squash! Gardening is funny sometimes...


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