Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Phoebe Goes to Church in a Sober Dress

My vision for this dress was a little French girl:  a charcoal grey dress with a bright white Peter Pan collar, worn with black tights and black patent shoes.  In reality, Phoebe looks like a sober little pilgrim, still a darn cute look for a toddler.

But I could also call this dress the Goldilocks dress because I had to try three times before I got it right.  First, when I followed the pattern, the enormous 80s puff sleeves were wearing Phoebe.  Then, I recut the sleeves with a sleeve from another pattern and they turned out to be too small for the arm scye of the dress, but I tucked them in there anyway because it was the night before Phoebe's dedication at church.

She wore the dress to her dedication and it was all bunchy across the shoulders, which no one noticed because Phoebe herself was charming.

We came home after the service with our extended families in tow and had brunch instead of Sunday school.  My husband came up with the idea, and I worked on the menu to make as much ahead as possible.

:::tartines composed of homemade French bread or flax-seed bread, with bacon, proscuitto or ham and yogurt cheese, brie, or local cheddar, or tuna cream cheese, plus onion jam and smoked tomato chutney
:::roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and onion
:::fresh fruit tray
:::caramel pecan sticky buns

Everything was so delicious and leisurely that several people begged to have brunch together every Sunday.

I had decided to salvage the adorable striped buttons off the dress and junk it, but really, Phoebe did look so cute in it, that I found the very last scrap of grey fabric and redid those sleeves a third time.  And finally, finally, I got them reasonably right (still a tad long across the shoulders and through the wrist, but at this point, Phoebe had started shrieking "no!" when the dress crossed her line of sight because I had tried it on her so many times).

I'm really grateful to have pictures to show some snippets of the good times we had.  Thanks to my sister for snapping some phone photos during the service itself; I hear my sister-in-law also got a short video of Phoebe saying "amen" to the congregation, too, and laughing and clapping at them when they started laughing and clapping at her. Oh, Phoebe!


Sarah Barry said...

Darling Phoebe! I think you totally pulled off the little French girl look.

Your brunch table looks so warm and charming. Looks like Hygge that everyone keeps talking about.

Alica said...

All she needs to look even more like a little French girl is a beret! She's adorable! I had to chuckle at her yelling "no!" when she'd see the dress. Oh my.

Lisa said...

I think Alicia's got something - what self-respecting Puritan would wear a beret?

Lynda said...

Lovely post...lovely dress...lovely Pheobe!!

Grey is my favourite (non) colour :)) xx

Margo said...

Sarah! Hygge! We keep talking about it at our house, too, and saying that the word itself sounds more like a football cheer than coziness :)

Becky said...

The dress is adorable - I've have gotten so frustrated, I would have just made it sleeveless and then she'd never wear it, but that's our house. Weren't there French Pilgrims?

Brunch sounds lovely - I do love brunch.

Christy said...

This is all beautiful.

Maggie Frost said...

Phoebe looked like a little school-girl. She seems to have a personality somewhere between Evie and Ben. I love your posts and ❤️ you and David and the children. You are an inspiration to me.

e said...

I agree with a couple of other commenters, all she needed was a beret! Or one of those straw boater hats (not the season, though). The dress is darling, but improved by the contents. :-)

Your family looks so happy. Is Ben laughing at Phoebe's remarks? Brunch looks wonderful too... my favorite meal!

Thank you for sharing with us!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Looks great! Reminds me of the outfit in the movie the DaVinci code, when the little Sophie was in church...

jenny_o said...

How adorable! And your brunch table looks so inviting. You have been busy.

BLD in MT said...

Way to persevere--I like the dress a lot and Phoebe is adorable in it.

And you taught me a new word--scye! Never came across that one before.

AmyK said...

Or a little Quaker dress. It's adorable (or I should say Phoebe is adorable.) I really like classic dresses on little girls.


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