Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ben's Thrifty Pajamas

Ben only had one pair of winter pajamas, so I sewed up another pair (using this pattern again).  I wanted to use what I had in my box of flannel, so I used grey flannel for the pants and a plaid for the shirt, and I had to actually sew together some pieces to make a big enough swath for the pattern pieces.  My big kids take a lot more fabric for their homemade clothes now!  The piecing turned out to be so subtle that I forgot to take a photo of it. And when I was done cutting out the pajamas, I had mere scraps left of each flannel.  I was so pleased with that thrift.

I gave him three choices for the buttons and he chose his favorite color, green.  I was expecting these pajamas to be big for him, to last another winter at least. Well.  They fit him pretty neatly.  Maybe I can extend their wear next year with truly contrasting cuffs at ankles and wrists.

The baby seems to be the required accessory for any photograph these days. 


Lisa said...

Looks like he bumped into something unfriendly, and didn't mind it! :)

Nice job with the pj's.

Alica said...

He looks like a proud big brother! Love flannel pj's too!

Margo said...

Lisa, he "kissed the sidewalk." Unfortunately, the day before school picture day. Oh, that Ben!

Hazel said...

Poor Ben! Love the pyjamas :)

Jennifer Jo said...

The pjs are great, but Genevieve lugging Baby Girl takes the cake.

jenny_o said...

I am picturing plaid cuffs on the pants and grey cuffs on the top. I never have any original ideas, so I am very pleased with this thought, but you don't need to be :)

I had to look twice to see that Genevieve was carrying the baby, not a doll!

Hope Ben mends quickly. Our son pulled the high chair over on himself the day before we had a family photo done. Timing is everything.

Naomi Weaver said...

Just can't help myself--my adorable grandchildren! The photo with Ben standing on his head and Evie holding Phoebe in the background is a hoot! Ma


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