Saturday, September 12, 2015

Feeding Phoebe

At 4 months, she's on the young side of the recommended age, but boy, she is ready. She still grimaces at the first bite each time (we try to quell our laughter), but a few bites later, she is trying to grab the spoon to get it in her mouth faster.  I love feeding babies!

I was going to start with mashed avocado because that's what I did with the first two, but my husband whimsically suggested that we start with something local.  Okay, applesauce! And, charmingly, applesauce that I made last fall when I was pregnant with this very baby.

Then I cooked and pureed a sweet potato.  I freeze the extra in ice cube trays set aside for that purpose, and then I have cubes of baby food in the freezer.  This morning, I cooked and pureed two plums and froze the puree as well.

The book that I used as a guide for feeding my first two babies, Super Baby Food, is rather outdated Just a skim of recent research showed me that things have shifted.  I don't need to wait 4 days between each new food?  I should add a bit of salt to the baby's food?  I don't need to postpone possible allergenic food until 12 months or older? Help me out here, readers.  I want to feed Phoebe real food in a reasonable way that meets her body's needs. We have no food allergies on either side of the family.  Do you have a book or a resource to recommend?


Dianna said...

Baby eating faces are so cute.

So much has changed in the way of recommendations between my last baby and my newest one. We also don't have allergies in my family. I fed him single-food purées at first because it was convenient and he needed to learn to eat, but once he figured that out, I started blending up a bit of dinner and feeding it to him. For awhile we alternated between the two, depending whether what we were eating seemed like something appropriate and blendable. Now at age 10 months, he feeds himself almost exclusively.

I love that I can feed him peanut butter and food with nuts and pretty much anything and not have to worry that I'm going against medical advice. The only thing you really can't give before age 1 is honey.

johnnyjumpsup said...

I used Annabel Karmel, but that was over 10 years ago. Not sure if she's got an updated version out, but I found it my go to.

Lisa said...

I have no advice to give, but I do love Ben's hair. :D

K Nelson said...

I started with vegetables before fruit. Green bean cereal is ugly, but to this day she's a veg eater. Past that, as long as it was possible, she ate what I ate. The bonus was that it made me far more mindful of what I ate.

Lana said...

We did the European way of just letting our babies sit on our laps at the table and when they could get food from our plates into their mouths and swallow it then they got solid food. Our wise pediatrician recommended this method and it was so easy. Our youngest is 24 so there was much less phobia of food allergies. I have recommended this method to our kids with our grandchildren and they think it is gross to let baby mess around in their plates. We did pull the plate away if they started doing something like stirring all the food together. We loved this easy, laid back method of feeding.

jenny_o said...

My personal experience is from thirty years ago - baby cereal and pureed food anywhere after 3 months, one new food at a time, no eggs or peanut butter until (I think?) 6 months. Our daughter is going the "no puree" route. I would be worried about choking, but I think they are avoiding certain sizes and shapes of food - things that would be easier to choke on.

Those photos are adorable!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

These 3 kids are adorable...
Sorry, no advice here...It has been way too long, my baby is 38 yrs

MDiskin said...

Feeding babies is so much fun. I loved pureeing my own baby food. Sometimes I would mix chicken stock in with the broccoli and carrots for a little boost before freezing. My youngest just turned 6! I can't believe it's been so long since I was doing just what you are. I miss the fun parts... do not miss the diapers at all!

I think that avoiding honey before age 1 is the only true no-no these days.

And my oldest developed an allergy to tree nuts at 9, out of the blue. And you will know if it happens. I wouldn't worry about it as a "what if" (except for honey & botulism).

Polly said...

These photos. They make me want a baby, Margo.

Anyhow: food! I never really read anything on this topic. All I know is: 1) no honey before 1 and 2) a doctor told my cousin to feed new foods in the morning, so if the baby has an allergic reaction (as her son did to eggs, which he had for dinner, and then woke in the morning SWOLLEN), you can sort of get a handle on it and observe it before bedtime. Wise words!

We did lots of fruits and such. Finn was a late eater--about age 8 months. Annie was pigging out at 6 months....on peaches!

Melanie said...

We were given start fresh by Tyler Florence, by a friend from our church who is a pediatrician. I have only used the single vegetable purées so far, but the book is arranged in stages, and I'm looking forward to exploring it.

Eleanor is seven months old, and has never been a good eater :-( how I wish I had a baby who liked to eat! Your kids, as always, are beautiful :-)


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