Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Life

Some random photos of our life recently, organized by pretty/happy/funny/real, the blog round-up that Leila and Rosie do.


These might be my favorite hotpads to date.  I did list them in the shop, although I'm still thinking of yanking them out and keeping them.

I just love the colors together.  I'm on a hunt for duck-egg blue, which is very hard to find - a kind of calm blue-green, a kind of muted aqua?  It's hard to describe and find, but if I squint at these hotpads, I see it.

Also, I love the handmade wonkiness in these.


Ben is 7 now and he thinks he had the best birthday ever.  Granny and Grandpa took him up to the cabin to meet some cousins for a weekend of fishing and endless (junk) food and paddle-boating and no chores.  Then, at home, he had a birthday meal of his choosing that ended with his favorite Banoffee Pie.  He was so disgruntled at having to go to school on his actual birthday that he put on his pajamas when he got home, even though I reminded him that Grandpa and Grandma were coming for his birthday dinner.  So much for the dignity of dress that I referred to yesterday!

photos by my husband 


The boy and his daddy read books in a cozy pile on the sofa in the evening.  Ben is devouring chapter books at a crazy speed, several a week, sometimes re-reading old favorites until I can get a new batch.  Thank goodness we live a block from the big library because I would be loathe to purchase all the books his appetite needs!


This is the vintage bassinet given to us by former neighbors of my parents.  My handy mother-in-law made a new flannel lining for it  just before Ben was born, and I put together the plain white skirt.

 Genevieve and I both agree the bassinet gives us the urge to play dollies.  Well, we are waiting for our real little dolly to be born any day now.  I thought I was in labor yesterday, but I feel quite normal today.  Such is the end of pregnancy sometimes!


Jennifer Jo said...


Alica said...

Such excitement for your family! I hope all goes well...will be waiting to hear the news! :)

Laura said...

Hope that baby comes soon and everything goes well!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog but never comment. I just wanted to say hello and wish you a safe delivery as you add a new little one to your lovely family.

Thanks for sharing a slice of your world with us.

- Kim from Philadelphia

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

What a beautiful bassinet!
Blessings to you and your family as you await your newest member!

BLD in MT said...

As a librarian I am so glad to hear of your son's reading appetite--and your library patronage! I can't imagine how much I'd spend on books myself otherwise. And a wonderful tradition for him and your husband to share. I hope all goes well at the end of the pregnancy for you! Happy birthday to Ben! So big already.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Happy 7th Birthday Ben.. What a happy /fun day..

Love the bassinet, and it makes me want to play dollies too.ha
Can't wait for the new baby to get here.. Sending prayers for you both..

Julian said...

Looking forward to seeing your newest blessing. Praying for a safe and healthy labor and delivery. Christina

Tamara said...

I love those hot pads! The colors are so cheerful.

Laura said...

Lovely colors on those hotpads! I can see why they're your favorites.

I hope Baby has made an appearance by this time, or will do so very soon... happy and exciting times for your family! Can't wait to hear news!

Beth said...

enjoy reading about all that's going on, margo.

i always felt a similar "i'd better do this today/now" feeling when i was in the last weeks of pregnancy.

the bassinette: such a sweet symbol of happy anticipation...made me really happy when we set ours out in our bedroom like you've done...(and that was the bassinette that I thought would be used for one child - and now it's being used for a third baby of mine!)

checking in here frequently for baby news! :-)

jenny_o said...

Love those hotpads. The red and blue go beautifully together.

Too funny that Ben changed into his pj's - I have to agree, it makes a day feel decadent!

katie said...

I've run across a solid handful of third-time mom's in the past 6 months who have all been led on to confusion about when labor was beginning. Just when you are starting to think you know how your body works, it seems, the body likes to show who's boss and make everyone else really confused. All the best to you guys.

Sarah Barry said...

Duck egg blue - it is such a rare but beautiful color. One of my faves.

Happy 7th birthday to Ben!

So close to baby! Can't wait to "meet" her.


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