Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Warm Easter

We had a lovely, tranquil Easter. My husband's parents joined us and all the food was delectable, the conversation funny and happy.

Ben wanted to make Easter basket cupcakes.  I used this excellent recipe and iced them with Italian meringue.  The kids did the rest, although the Twizzler handles did not cooperate in an upright manner.

I glued together an artsy little nest out of twigs Genevieve scavenged out of the back yard and used some pale washes of commercial dye on brown eggs to make a centerpiece.  I rarely have centerpieces, just candles, but I was pleased to have time to play like this on Easter morning before church.  The whole thing was eminently simple and I love how it came out.   Next year, I really want to use onion skins and whatnot to dye eggs.

The children were quite silly with sugar and maintaining company behavior by the time I coaxed them to take pictures.  Still, family photos and a belly shot, thanks to my mother-in-law!

My "corsage" is this fascinator from the pearl party.
Genevieve's dress is from last Easter (hooray for making it long enough!).
And Ben's bow tie is the very first one I ever made him, from this Easter.
And the man?  Just wearing his regular duds in his usual cool way.

We finally let them change and tear around the park while we drowsed on a bench nearby.  Such a treat to sit in warm air and sunshine!


Lana said...

Lovely baby belly and it won't be long now! My table was a pink cloth and purple napkins with gold plates. I love to mix up Easter colors,too. Hubby and I ended up on the porch swing with our 3 year old granddaughter commanding us lackeys to row her to the Princess Pirate Ship which we happily did for her for about 2 hours in the Spring sunshine. She is just too cute.

Marcia said...

Super like the nest and the eggs. But not as much as I like the happy family pictures. Happy Easter!

Betty said...

A beautiful family photo!
And I really like those napkins on the table..very pretty.

Lisa said...

Did you say those pretty eggs were from brown ones? They look lovely!
Happy Easter, too. :-)

Margo said...

Lisa, yes! My idea was entirely last-minute, so I used the eggs in the fridge. I'm sure the brown toned down the commercial dye.

Lisa said...

The brown very beautifully toned down the commercial dye - I love them! At the supermarket last week, I went to reach for the white eggs just so I could color some, but then thought no - I am not going to encourage anybody to keep chickens jammed in a pen their whole lives - so I bought the usual free-range eggs. And assumed I couldn't color them.

Margo said...

Lisa, I've also seen brown eggs decorated with white curlicues and swirls - not sure exactly what kind of pen/marker was used, but that's an idea for showing off the brown.

Also, I think if you use really strong dye (natural or commercial) + vinegar, you could achieve strong colors.

Anonymous said...

Such a handsome family! So thrilled for you all and your newest addition to come!

If I could make an embarrassing request, it would be to ask for a "what works for you" doing the dishes tutorial/post... I know I use too much water! I spent my 20's as an investment banker and then all of a sudden got married and pregnant and am loving my new role but am a bit lacking in some areas of homemaking. You appear to have quite a bit of practical knowledge that I somehow never quite learned. I know I'm not the only one out there. Help :)

Margo said...

dear anon, I was totally lacking in homemaking skilz when I got married :) Happy to share what I know.

I did one post of dishwater here:


I'm happy to write another post and discuss more if you want. Just say the word.

Rebecca said...

Everything is just so beautiful!

1. stainless cups and pink!
2. dyed brown eggs!
3. your hair!
4. your family!
5. burgundy and navy!

Nancy po said...

Great pics!

BLD in MT said...

What a simple, wonderful centerpiece! I love it. And this looks like a very wonderful day. How fantastic.

jenny_o said...

Sounds like a lovely, serene day. What sweet cupcake Easter baskets! (May I ask what you used to make the green "grass" in them?)

As for the family photos, as my dear father would say "you are a fine-looking bunch"! All those smiles :)

Margo said...

Jenny_o, the green grass was shredded coconut mixed with a few drops of water and (shudder) green food coloring until it was green enough. The children were totally thrilled.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love the photo of the family.. Beautiful..
Love the eggs in the nest.. cute..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous dish water poster here again to say thanks for your gracious answer! It does make me feel a bit better that you already had a post on hand. Much appreciated! Sending happy thoughts and prayers as you near the end of your pregnancy :)


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